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Win the SteamWorld Heist OST by Steam Powered Giraffe!

Howdy, partners! How are you?

Yesterday we uploaded the SteamWorld Heist launch trailer (check it out below if you missed it).

At the time of writing it’s only one more day before SteamWorld Heist is available on Nintendo 3DS eShop in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. At the same day (December 10) the official soundtrack by steampunk legends Steam Powered Giraffe launches on iTunes, Bandcamp and

Here’s a brand new music video featuring “The Stars” (the vocal version of SteamWorld Heist’s main theme):

Win the SteamWorld Heist soundtrack

Together with Steam Powered Giraffe we’re giving away three digital copies of “Music from SteamWorld Heist” (the official name of the album). Entering the giveaway is easy: Just describe your dream spaceship in the comments below and we’ll choose three winners over the weekend that are announced on Tuesday next week here on this blog. Make sure your entry is in by Sunday at the latest.

Got what it takes?
Hit us with your best shot!

  • BarryDunne

    My dream space ship would have no board some very special game characters – Mario, Ellie from The Last Of Us, Ray from Stick It game and Rusty, all on board on Captain Toads ship with the Captain himself! Lol

    • PowerHouse

      Sounds more like poker night at the inventory

  • curbles

    My dream spaceship re-uses the waste heat from they hyperspace drive to make delicious brick oven pizzas.

  • Roberth Garcia

    The spaceship from Cowboy Bebop, with the dog from the show and droids like R2-D2 working in it. Also with space cute babes xD.

  • shadowhive

    Mine would be like the Millennium Falcon, with some modifications like a replicator, mini holodeck and sushi bar! Oh and there’d have to be a steam powered BB-8 too

  • Tim

    The best spaceship is the one we all live on. It has some issues but I can´t imagine a better place to travel through space.

    • Phoibos

      How deep 😀

  • A TARDIS from Doctor Who, but instead of a police box, mine would resemble a double-decker bus with emerald-green paint. It would be able travel like a regular bus as well as the standard dematerialization.

  • Bullminator

    Hm…actuly there is a spaceship i like a lot. Its a split m6 class dragon.
    Fast, good weapons, ok shields and it looks pretty nice to.
    Perfect for pirates in space.

  • IKAY

    It sould be black with some yellow accents. The form should be like the one of the andromeda (TV Series). The interior should be simple but elegant. And of course the latest photon laser weaponry.

  • Sam

    For me the ultimate spaceship would be white and blue and of course it’s gotta be steam powered. An on board coffee/ hot chocolate machine is beyond necessary. Countdown at NASA “Lift off in T minus 5-4-3-2-1”. Spaceship “choo choo”. Me “Mmmm now that’s a good cup o’ joe”

  • Alex

    One themed as Hyrule Castle from the Legend of Zelda would be excellent! That’d be so great!

  • Ghislain

    Glorious Heritage class of the TV Show Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda

  • Fabien

    The ultimate gamer spaceship stocked with reserves to keep you going for months to come. You have all the time in the world to play and can stare down at the planet and laugh at the people who cannot interrupt your gaming sessions. What more could a person want?

  • PowerHouse

    Man, that’s tough. It would look gutair shaped, with each gutair string being a generator beaming in all different colors that looks like a red base gutair. I’m sure the people at steam powered giraffe know Daft Punk, but if not I want them to watch Interstellar 55555, because that’s what my idea is based of.

    • PowerHouse

      Or maybe a giant rotating record with a hole in it.

  • Notbatman

    A sleak space ship, small enough for a crew of about 4 people to go plundering throughout space.

  • bibberbiber

    it’s a ship loaded with all people that make me feel good and a decent part should be a forest and other earthlike nature. It really doesn’t matter how it looks from the outside, it just as to be big enough to go jogging and do sports…maybee like a circle producing gravity as seen in many movies…it would be interesting to stop by a planet with a total different ecosystem seen on earth…populated by robots moving forward like genesis in “I can’t dance” xD

  • Rust The Pawniard

    I dunno I never thought about my “Dream Spaceship” so Im just gonna let my brain pour out on improv here: *HHHHUUUUFFFFF*
    It would be super long with tons of wings on both sides each being a different room on the inside. Bedroom, kitchens, Robo-Cleanup Stations, etc etc etc. The main inside areas would be a peaceful good-ol lounge… with foutons and chairs and tables and whatever robots drink. But in the back would be a HUGE door thats unlocked by a super-secret password that only my crew knows, and when you unlock it it would open horizontally from both sides and there would be a enourmous shelf with Shotguns, and CANNONS, and HANDGUNS, and all that robo stuff. The outside would be complete black/gray (my favorite colors) and with tons of I dunno, plasma cannons or rocket launchers. And it would have tons of wings and blades to make it faster and more unwanted for enemies to touch, and only my robo-crew would know the safe way around if they somehow needed to get on top of the ship, for like a DRAMATIC FINAL BATTLE SHOWDOWN or something. It would travel faster than light speed and have pure orange mango glass windows in the cockpit. And also in the cockpit would be tens of blasters, guns, cannons, plasma shooters, or get this: A hole where you can put your own gun in and it would make the velocity/speed/power SKYROCKET (LITERALLY) and use your gun as a freaking cannon in the cockpit of your ship! And finally, I’d be Captain RustGear, flying the S.S. RustRift2.0!

  • Rust The Pawniard

    Kinda Like This but Black/Gray (I do not own this picture)

  • The Cordyceps

    Honestly, the best spaceship includes a zero gravity zone with lots of pillows.
    Other than that, as long as there’s plenty of food available and it has a cool steampunk design and music, it’s perfect :^V!

  • Sam Woods

    My dream spaceship would be like A’tuin from Discworld, only you would stay inside the turtle.

  • Carlos Alberto Hernandez Garci

    Here it is: It would have a plutonium energy-generator chamber, a controlroom (similar to the one who the bad Republic had) at front, up the energy room there would be a blindated chamber with a place to hide in case of critical damages, all over the ship there would be laser or steam punch turrets, and it will be shapped as a merge of the letters u and v (as a boomerang), and a bold of 255 meters. I forgot it, but it will have a disco room, considering i will make it in steamword’s storyline, it would be such technical as Vectron and it will have Vectronbots and steambots dancing and it would have 2 extra goods: time traveling (save Rusty from the world’s explosion) and teleporting (escape from dangers)

    • Carlos Alberto Hernandez Garci

      Oh, and it will have Holo John (From Bravest Warriors, a Cartoon Hangover’s serie chapter Butter Lettuce) featuring a light tech weapons

  • Quomenic Diquero

    I feel like my dream space ship would be like a giant Death Star like ball that moves. On the inside it would be like the earth except everything is inside out (like the end of Intersteller). There the crew mates could like a normal life there but at the top there is a control station with the combat equipment , shields and so on and so forth. Now the Starship needs a cool name and Greek so I’d name it like “The Titan”

  • Bran Christian

    Shiny steel, each section fitted to the next with rivets the size of a fist. The pipes run everywhere carrying steam from the reactor to all of the vital systems of the ship. The reactor itself is not even steam. The steam is merely a biproduct of the coolant system surrounding the strange material we found deep underground in the shiner’s caves. It never seems to cool, no matter how much water is poured on it. When the first steambot scientists realized this it caused countless wars and the steambots were nearly destroyed. Although it destroyed our home the tattered remnants of our kind divided up the last of strange material and built a vast fleet of ships in the hope that one day the steambots might find a new home.

  • Hazel

    My dream spaceship, hmm… Well, it’d be in the shape of a bounding rabbit, because who doesn’t want to see a large rabbit crusading through the stars! The eyes would be the windows where you could chill and look out at all the vast nothingness. The inside would be furry and mostly teal in colour with a little bandstand for my accompanying space themed mariachi band (who totally aren’t SPG in sombreros) and there’d be a large white table in the middle. Somewhere to set the tea and biscuits when I invite the local space monsters round for a chat.

  • Jayson David Boyd

    I wrote a short screenplay that took place on an interstellar ship, it was a bit like a cruise liner in space, with several decks all dedicated to different services and functions, all of them met in a seven story tall Atrium at the center of the ship, lush with greenery and criss-crossing catwalks, topped with a large observation dome for star gazing. The ship would moor itself into orbit at an angle so that people could look at the planet from the observation dome. The screenplay ended up being a bit like the Poseidon Adventure…but let’s think of the ship in a story where nothing goes wrong.

  • TheGamingWolf

    my dream spaceship would be made up of millions of black cubes that could reform into any shape as needed. of course the control room would remain the same no matter what happened!

  • Agentdave7

    My dream spaceship would contain all of the latest video games (including SteamWorld Heist of course). The spaceship would look just like the one from Super Mario Galaxy 2. 🙂

  • My dream ship would be blue and in the shape of a ship anchor. It would have to be something that could travel at a decent speed, nothing too crazy or I’d lose my body half way mid-flight. Something with huge cannons that’ll scare away pesky space pirates. And a constant stream of bubbles always releasing from the backside of it, cause why not!? XD

  • my dream ship would have huge windows (for looking at space) and huge laser guns. It’ll be silver w/copper frames and it’d be shaped like a falcon. The beak of the falcon will open up and shoot lasers. :^)

  • LordO’Sluggs

    Extra large millennium falcon that is practically a flying RV.

  • ThisIsntJoey

    A steam-powered space submarine with the ability to play SPG tunes so loud, it bends space and time (to communicate with alternate universes and alien beings through the insane human concept we call “music”), the ability to bend reality itself to allow for incredibly fast space travel, altering of its already awesome submarine aesthetic to something way cooler (like a submarine WITH LIGHTNING BOLTS OH SNAP) and aversion from completely unchill enemies, and, of course, some sort of mecha-space-future-past-steam-powered-brass-robot-microwave, exclusively for pizza rolls. Kinda like the Heart of Gold, except exponentially cooler. And with pizza rolls.

  • John Zedran

    Imagine the Foward Unto Down SS, now make it in brass/Bronze and a bit rusty, smaller and compact.
    In the front part, put some Monocles to make lazzer cannons, in the mid-empty part of the ship, put a tesla coil. In both sides put some old train wheels spinning, allowing a steam generator enough power to work and a few tubes to let steam escape to the space.
    In the inside, classy and stylish fur, carpet and more brass. Rooms designed by the most famous and epic SP artist… And some crazy scientist.. Some plants and fulled with classy people AND army pps. in the ceiling a skylight to the sky… In the back part some aether-powered engine…

    Maybe not the most original base concept but you get the idea

  • Daniel Halfpenny

    It’d look like a giant armoured pod with an enclosed stage area surrounded with seats at the top of it, and a built-in wall-sized projector screen behind the stage, with long jet-boosting fins jutting out of the left and right sides. Beneath the floor of the stage area on the front of the spacecraft would be solar-powered lazers and a personalized emblem emblazoned on the front of the ship, and the metal exterior would be in an ocean-like blue/green colour scheme (think like a semblance of earth but in a less crisp, ‘dreamy’ blend of tones).

  • It’s so much fun reading all your entries! 😀

  • Gassi The Cat

    Would have the used-but-comfy homeliness of Firefly’s Serenity, the offensive capabilities of Donald Trump (but hopefully a much better reputation) and the total crewing of Barbarella’s spacecraft in terms of number, uniform and favourite pastime inbetween missions.

    Also: Thank you all – such a delightfully crafted and incredibly playable game. Don’t know about games being “better or worse,” but the 3DS is certainly all the better for having yet another Steamworld game on it.

  • yodamerlin

    I do like space, and I do like spaceships, but my dream spaceship….

    It would have to be a breacher, I love the idea of boarding ships by ramming a spike into it.
    I would also make it quite small with little in form of weapons, maybe only a shield. The only way to attack would be to board.
    It should be very fast both in terms of long distances and short bursts to allow for dodging of bullets and lasers.
    The long distance travel, well, there are many options. The standard warp drive, or maybe the more experimental infinite improbability drive. It could even use the very large Bistromathmatic drive. But probably the tried-and-tested warp drive would be best to use.
    I think a solo pod would best suit this, as if it does get damaged, it should be easily replaced.

  • LaTerry

    My ideal spaceship would have loads of secret compartments and passageways to confuse any invaders.

  • She don’t look like much. But she’s got it where she counts. Love keeps her in the air. She’s not the most graceful thing in the sky, but she can move when you need her to. But what she looks like and how fast she can go isn’t the most important part. She’s a home. She’s freedom. She’s how you earn a living and how you move on to the next thing life has to throw at you. Just another member of the family..

  • Fay A. Weber

    My dream spaceship would be simple in design and easy to operate, leaving more room for all of my friends (both new and old) to travel through space and have great adventures with me.

  • Aplombernulp

    A flying hat that is bigger on the inside, but the inside is just more hats.

  • 3DS Blogger

    I think I would like to live in the Firefly space ship. It looks really livable with a great design that would be perfect for just cruising around space. It was either that, or maybe a real rocket shuttle.

  • TurdFurgy

    My dream spaceship would have atmospheric features that would negate the feeling of claustrophobia for being in a ship while also dealing with whatever the opposite of claustrophobia is for being in the vast emptiness of space.

  • 3limin4t0r

    My space ship would be a sleeper. Being huge from size. It would contain a moving maze. The cockpit would have an overview of this maze and let me play with the walls and floors as I desire (like a video game). Making it a nightmare for intruders. Furthermore it would be able to cloak half. Giving the other space ships a WTF feeling when they see a half space ship flying by. The chambers of the ship will not be physically connected but with portals. Making sure a breach in one of the chambers isn’t the end of the world, because you would be able to close the portal in that room. It also would contain a gaming cellar, so me an my friends can play games together =). (Ohw, and the entrance of this cellar will be under some kind of doorstep.) That’s about the general description.

  • The Best space Ship is the one where i can find everything, everyone who i care and lively happy together forever

  • Zenox (Luigi)

    my dreamship it’s something like big white whale, but robotic and steam coming out from head.

  • A spaceship that is shaped like a hat and when you enter, it’s just filled to the brim with more hats.

    Note: These hats also contain more hats.

    Another note: The hatception never ends.

  • able_to_think

    I’d want a purple Star Destroyer. It would fire torpedoes that punctured the enemies hull and shot in fresh doughnuts. And all the Tie Fighters would be a pretty pink so people know I’m fabulous.

  • Barl0we

    My dream spaceship is the Serenity, with the crew from Firefly on it.

    We will rule over all this land, and we will call it… This Land.

  • Nostalgic Lemon

    i would need a place to play my games after im done adventuring and another place to place my collection of figurines, boxes, and collectibles.

  • William Forrer

    Mine would be a ship that looks like a crappy version of the Death Star called the dead moon and it only has a single chair it with a light wooden table next to it with a fully charged 3ds that last forever and all that’s on it is steamworld heist and I just sit there and ponder everything I have done and then play a lot of steam world heist

  • Thomas Douglas

    My dream spaceship would be a giant bubble with a house inside, carrying a supply generator and a teleporter, as well as a wish granting machine which is controlled by entering the eleven digit code and then scanning your eye. It would be literally anything due to the wish granter, because the best type of design is constantly changeable.