Write Dialogue for SteamWorld Dig 2

Write Dialogue for SteamWorld Dig 2 and Win the Game

Howdy, everyone! We’re back with our second SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge for SteamWorld Dig 2. The last one was incredibly fun, so we can’t wait to see what you come up with this time! I’m sure many of you want a second shot at becoming an ambassador. Let’s get to it!

Help us write in-game dialogue

We need your help to write a piece of text for the game. Specifically we want you to write a miners’ proverb. A proverb is a simple and concrete saying that expresses
a truth based on common sense or experience. Every culture has its collection of these wise sayings that offer advice about how to live your life.

Popular English proverbs include:

  • “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
  • “The pen is mightier than the sword.”
  • “Better late than never.”
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

You get what we’re looking for, right? Make it something that would make sense to hear from an experienced miner deep underground in a cave somewhere. If you can put a robotic twist on your proverb that would be lovely (but it’s not necessary). Remember to keep it short and sweet!

Dig deep and gain riches!

The winning proverb is waiting to be discovered somewhere deep underground…

What you can win

The winner will become a SteamWorld Ambassador. As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll get free copies of every version of every SteamWorld game. Ever. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. You and the other Ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress. This is done in our private Facebook group.

Rules and how to enter

Submit your proverb (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your idea by Sunday May 28 at 11:59 PM PDT. We’ll pick a winner next week. By submitting your proverb you give us the rights to freely use it in our products, services and marketing materials. We also reserve the right to judge whether the winning entry appears in the final game or not, and might alter the wording to fit the style of the game. If no suitable entry is submitted before the deadline we’ll still choose a winner that gets all rewards mentioned above.

Create your entry freely, but let’s keep it safe for work and enjoyable for anyone! Offensive entries will be flushed down a digital drain, somewhere.

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

  • “Sometimes even the sharpest of pickaxes can struggle to make it through”

  • DrSaturn

    “When the canary keels, best spin the wheels.”

  • iANiMeX

    “Dig deep to reach it.”

  • CalmDownTom

    “Only two things ever happen: things change or things stay the same.”

  • LordSinclair3DS

    “Mines have something common with humans. The deeper you dig, the darker you get”

  • Miyamoto

    Every cog has its day.

  • If you think this is a dead end job, you’re clearly not digging hard enough.

  • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But when it gives you a pick-axe, well its too late to start over anyway.

  • New recruit huh? You only have one tool, a shovel, or a hoe. Now take your pick. (Not a proverb, I just wanted to throw that in there.)

  • If you wish to know who you are, you have to be willing to dig through the depths of your soul But digging dirt is easier, so do that instead.

  • StormZtrooper

    One robot’s cogs is another robot’s treasure.

  • Sáfrányos Tamás

    “Nothing to see here, move along please”

  • It’s fine to not be the sharpest pickaxe in the mine, so long as you can swing it.

  • ZEFGame.ru

    This is a Russian proverb about the miners=)
    1.На шахте тому почет, у кого уголь на-гора течет.
    2.Чтобы шахтером называться, мало углем замараться.

  • “The squeaky swing gets the grease. Else we’d go crazy faster…”

    “A pickaxe is worth a thousand cogs.” Works as a proverb AND a price 😀

  • David Fernandez

    Don’t leak over spilled oil

    (Like “don’t cry over spilled milk”)

  • “When you can’t find a perfect gem, sometimes you settle for a common ore”

  • Alex

    “The tougher the dig, the brighter the gem.”

  • Chloe Winsdale

    “Don’t be afraid to get your joints dirty.”

    “A gem in the hand is worth two in the ground. “

  • Mike Sweet

    I saw a canary not too long ago in a mine. I wonder if it meant anything.

  • Triple-Ape

    “A patch of dirt (or scrap) unturned is another gem (or artifact, item, part, etc) unfound.”

    Going for a sort of broken English here. They may be robots, but they’re still miners and would certainly develop their own vernacular on the job.

  • Felix

    You are never to old to dig
    Breaking two stones with one dig
    Where there’s a miner there is a miner
    Too many miners spoil the mine
    Those who live in mines should not throw with dynamite

  • Jason Dorval

    “You Can’t Highball with one Eyeball”
    Miner Term underground 😛 Be Safe in other words XD

  • Supirorguy

    “A diamond may be rare but mining it is what’s valuable”

    “Two iron ingots don’t make a diamond”

  • Kyle C

    Just keep digging and you will find your way.

  • “When the canary will drop, the wary should hop”

    “A great miner never blames their pickaxe”

    “Careless with dynamite means death by stalactite”

  • Payter

    “Light is air down here”
    Or for a more “robotical” flavour: “Light is oil down here”

  • Stefan Erik Sarrazin

    “Better digging than being dug”

  • Michael White

    Sometimes you have to dig up the past to uncover the future.

  • “The Squeaky Bot gets the grease”

    “Two CPUs are better than one”

    “Oil is thicker than water”

    “Bots will be bots”

    “The Miner’s son always wants to be a pilot”

  • Ian Morley

    The pick is mightier than the rock!

  • Ian Morley

    In the mines no one can hear you steam!

  • Ian Morley

    If a rock falls in the mines and the robot has no audio receptors then does it make a noise?

  • Ross Larson

    “When you’re out of light, best give up the fight.”
    “Good miners make sure to come back home.”
    “It’s not where you come from, it’s what you bring back.”

  • Jack Brabson

    “Dis here pit’s as dark as oil, and for us miners, it’s just as good for the health.”

  • Cameron Ward

    “When you get hungry down here, you can eat dirt. They taste differently depending on where you dig. Just tell your self it taste good.”

  • Jack Brabson

    “Ya can pick your axe, but ya can’t pick what you’ll find.”

  • Jack Brabson

    “Sometimes it’s good ta rest the cogs and the dirt.”

  • Jack Brabson

    “My Pappy always told me, when the ground gets hard, you dig harder”

  • When in doubt, keep digging. You can always be used for spare parts.

  • Thomas Lee Wentt

    So long as yer torch is lit and yer pistons don’t quit, the stone will lead ya home.

  • Tobias Sweeney

    A pick is worth a thousand ores.
    When the dirt gets tough, the tough get digging.
    The early bot catches the trilobite.
    You can’t make a mine without digging a few holes.
    Dustiness is next to Botliness.

  • Björn Klockljung

    Always follow your pickaxe
    Use your head. But only when your pick fails because it kind of hurts.

  • Syd Jordan

    Get to picking when the pickaxe is good.

  • Payter

    Oil is less dense than rock. To dig deep you gotta be smart.

  • John Salim Aridi

    “The only difference between a mine and a cave-in is a smart digger.”

  • Jeremy Baxter

    A good bot remembers the way back up; a better one remembers to bring something back.

  • Ryan Picklesimer

    A sharp pick is a lot more useful than a shiny one.

  • Mason Zedaker

    A miners job is not to dig dirt, but to find what’s underneath it.

  • Oni-Link

    Your mind is sharper than the finest diamond you will ever find.

  • Xerpet

    “Don’t dig the rock you’re standing on.”
    “One bot’s bot scrap is another bot’s gold.”

    “You can’t judge a mine’s worth by the first ore you’re digging up.”
    “Two pickaxes are better then one.”
    “The ore’s always worth more in another mine.”

  • James Fox


  • Ryan Craddock

    “Finders keepers, miners sweepers”.

  • Silas C. Leth

    A volunteer is worth twenty pressed bots

  • Silas C. Leth

    A good bot is hard to find

    • Silas C. Leth

      Talking about rusty of course

  • zeldana

    “Diamonds an’ dreams ain’t th’ only things gettin’ refined under all this pressure. You’ve come too far to drown in the shallows.”

  • Travs Touchdown

    Even underground, it’s important to stay grounded!

  • Travs Touchdown

    Titanium and subterranean!

  • SuperDMart

    “Don’t lose steam over the gems you leave behind — that’s a miner problem.”

  • Brent Middleton

    “The darkest depths yield the prettiest secrets.”


    “A tunnel without an exit is just a long coffin.”

  • Miles Metts

    “The most valuable gems lie behind the hardest stones.” (Work hard and you’ll be rewarded)
    “All gold is fool’s gold” (Never presume something is true)
    “The air in here is damp and stale, but here it is my own.” (Home sweet home)
    “The tinge of picks is music, but beware the Parakeet” (Don’t forget to pay attention.)

  • Proxima Centauri

    “Believe in steam”
    “You can take the ore out of the mine… but you can’t take the mine out of the ore”
    “Ore alone does not make a robot”
    ” Twos company, three is competition”
    “Miners and minors are very different computational devices”

  • Evan

    “Tunnels and paths, I dig that”


    As they say, the harder the pick – the longer the shaft!


    You know how he is, he’s got no supports in his mine.

  • TheSkullKid

    “Never dig straight down. Wait wrong mining game.”


    Every magma floor has a diamond lining.

  • Don’t lose your bolts over lost ore.
    Tighten yer screws and dig.

  • Reddeh Hedder

    One must let the dirt take before the stone shall give

  • Stepherson Borges Dos Santos

    “What comes from the earth does not hurt … not always.”
    “Whatever you need the earth will provide.”
    “U-uuu, nothing like metal tinting.”
    “CHOO CHOOOOO, at full steam dig.”

  • Bruno Diniz

    “It’s not about ore, but how dirty it is.”

  • Bruno Diniz

    “At the tip of the pick, life takes shape”

  • Bruno Diniz

    “Drill, wash, sell… Isn’t about that?”

  • Bruno Diniz

    “It’s too much sand for my bolts.”

  • James Ridley

    “Know your way back out, before you dig further.”

  • Timothy Kolek

    If you hear the canary cry, get yourself out of there, guy!

  • Jose Ignacio

    This heart of mine jumps and pounds for you, shiny Heart of the Mine.

  • Christian Reuter

    If the knocker (Tommy knocker, mine dwelling gnomes, or ghosts that can warn a miner before a cave in, or not. Much like the klabauterman) is calling, you should run like (stormy) steam.

  • Bam Bam

    One should not use a hatchet to remove a fly from their head.

  • TallBoy

    A miner can’t survive off of what falls in her boot alone.

  • Jan Christian Heigl

    “The 3 D’s of mining, Dig,Drill and Drink! ”
    “The more you dig the longer you will climb”

  • Andrew McCue

    ‘Less ye wanna lose yer spine,
    Ladder above before you mine!”

    …that’s a lesson i learned in the first game!

    • Toby Thornton

      That’s so good!

  • Mars_x

    To find yourself you have to get lost every once in a while.

  • Jeff123845

    A canare-bot in a coal mine is an advanced warning of some danger!

  • Torsten Nasenberg

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

  • Peace Boy

    “The pit is darker than oil.”
    Probably rubbish, I’m terrible at these things. :/

  • Thigolf

    No matter how long or hard you have to dig, there will always be a nugget waiting for you somewhere.

  • jharris9

    The deeper you mine, the more you can find. But the more you scheme, the more you’ll need steam.

  • Ladasta

    Only through steam your find true gleam

  • Verb pro

    Not very good, but:
    “Weigh your pick, pick your way”
    “Found in vein, squandered in vain”
    “If there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you’re going the wrong way!”

  • Gary Gray

    “you can polish coal, but it will always be dirty”

  • Lainehart

    “Why look for a sea change, when you can get an oil change?”

  • Lainehart

    “For only nuts and bolts have I, I dig as to escape the sky, so when the wind and rain should hit, I know I will not rust a bit”

  • Carlos Ors Bravo

    A pickaxe won’t break only ores

  • marvin_moxie

    It ain’t over ’til the fat canary sings.

  • “The world is full of treasures, we just need to dig deep to discover them”
    “The further one digs, the more one discovers”
    “Let the pick be your guide “

  • Le Spleef

    “Never let a few rocks get in the way of a good story, kid”

    • Le Spleef

      “Just keep swingin'”

  • Aaron Hughes

    A lit mine can’t hide dangers

  • Aaron Hughes

    Not all pay dirt is worth the risk

  • Rolando

    “It is not the strength of the pickaxe that strikes it rich, but the robot who swings it.”

  • Jonathan Hamm

    The dirtiest rocks hide the most beautiful gems.
    When the world seems dark you just have to keep digging.
    What’s mine is ores, and what ores do I mine!

  • LocktheChest

    To find what is lost, you must lose your way. That is the way of the miner.

  • Mookman24

    “The Pickaxe is stronger than the shovel”
    “Don’t ever get rock bottom”
    “Mine, mine, mine as much as you can handle”

  • Cameron Dennis

    “A Gem in the Clamp is worth two in the Rock”

  • MrMacguffin

    Getting down’s the easy part.
    Don’t go dynamiting when you’re low on steam.
    If you don’t want to end up like a Shiner, don’t be dumb like one!

  • JAM

    What’s mine is mined. What’s yours is mined too.

  • Greg Slagel

    When your first pick breaks, reach for your second.
    Don’t ignore the ruby in the copper mine.
    It’s better to dig in the dark than to just stand still.
    If the steam’s running low, boil whatever liquid you’ve got.
    The corroded cog is the first thing to upgrade.

  • Cory Hayman

    dig smarter not harder.
    pick in the hand is 2 ore in the vain

  • Alan Pasquali

    Mining’s easy, it’s the hauling that gets ya.
    Teach a ‘bot to mine and all you get is competition.
    Hard work always shines throught.

  • If you don’t break the dirt, the dirt will break you.
    A always have a backup path.
    Don’t loose steam over a missed ore, find (dig) another way.
    Some spots are better left undug.
    Keep your screws tight and your light bright.
    When your lantern burns half as bright, head back towards the light.

  • Jampot

    “The pickaxe is mightier than the sword.”

  • Corey Wingate

    Like my grandpa used to say, make sure you don’t dig a hole too deep you can’t dig your way out, otherwise you’ve done dug your own grave!

  • Mathias Rossie

    “Better smear your gear”

  • zacksmovies

    Let your pick get dusty and your gears’ll get rusty.

  • lucas

    -He who laughs last, laughs the loudest.

    – one in the sand is better than 2 in the rust.

    -fortune favours the brass

    – like bots of a feather, we flock together.

    That’s my lot. Good luck with the development guys. Fingers crossed for some multiplayer options in this one! 😀

  • Marin Alexandru

    “The air down here will get to you eventually, you know? It’s not the digging, or lack of sunlight…it’s the air..”
    ” You have to know 3 things when you dig : safety, safety, safety ”
    “I once dug up a gold nugget the size of my fist, you know? Yup, I’ll never forget that day…what was I saying?”
    ” I don’t feel lonely at all, no sir! It’s me and the rocks down here and that’s the way I like it! ”
    ” If you’re gonna dig deep, something’s gonna find you eventually “

  • Unihr

    “Welcome to my mine,
    we are mining diamonds,
    we don’t have a strip mine,
    we don’t have to fight mobs”

  • Ash

    The way to a robots heart is through his boiler

    A mine is only as strong as it’s supports

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single shovel

    A new pick digs clean

    A miners work is never done

    If the axe fits, wield it!

    This mine wasn’t made in a day

  • bydavidrosen

    “who knows what you’ll find, when digging in mines, what you find is yours but what I find is mine.”

  • Marius Nell

    I have to dig deep to be a success.
    A nice Diamond will be the antifreeze in our relationship.
    Just because you dig down doesn’t mean you do not upgrade your life
    Dig down low to get high on life

  • Phoibos

    Never dig away your only way out. (Fun fact: I did this several times)

    Also, for the German version you could use: “Wer anderen eine Grube gräbt, fällt selbst hinein”, (The one who digs a pitfall for others, will fall in it himself) which is in fact a German proverb.

    • I dig this.

    • Max

      Wer andern eine Grube gräbt, findet vielleicht Gold?! 😀

      • Phoibos

        Wer anderen eine Grube gräbt, hat ein Grubengrabgerät.

  • Phoibos

    (If this isn’t already your plan) could you consider adding a citizen who’s sole purpose is telling robot/mining puns?

  • Krzysztof Jotte

    Gold is always a pick’s swing away.

    No matter how deep you dig, you only scratch the surface.

    Never let your digging hands get rusty.

    It’s better to go undeground and dig than to look at the sky and do nothing.

    The miner’s coating is black, but his heart is golden.

    When you dig down, don’t forget to look up.

    Give a robot an ore and you fuel him for a day. Teach him how to mine and you fuel him for a lifetime.

  • Xasun

    When life is hard as stone, you need to work hard as iron

  • Johan Carlsson

    The horse must graze where it is tethered, unless it’s Belgian.

  • Espeon200

    The deeper you seek, the darker it gets.

  • Becca Horovitz

    Your gears spin at their own pace, and no one else’s. Dig through life at your own pace.
    As you dig deeper into the ground you also see deeper into your motherboard.
    Where ever you end up always remember what got you there, especially when mining. Do you know the way out?

  • Perry Burkum

    “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t teach it how to play ‘Go Fish’.”

  • Becca Horovitz

    Listen to those who came before you, they are a gold mine of buried wisdom.

  • Xien

    “Rocks beneath your feet is neat. Rocks on top of head; you’re dead.”

    “Those who say you can’t sink lower than rock bottom, are obviously not digging hard enough.”

    “You can never dig the same tunnel twice.”

    “Even a mine a thousand feet deep, starts with one swing of a pickaxe.”

    “A bad miner will always blame his tools.”

  • Becca Horovitz

    WD40, a pickaxe, and some screws, never leave home without them. The first to keep you moving when you think you can’t, the second to help you forward when the way is blocked, and the third to keep your head on straight enough to know when to head home.

  • Becca Horovitz

    “The deeper you dig the bigger the reward, and the farther you have to go to bring it back home.” IE: Be prepared or make short trips.

  • Becca Horovitz

    Steam always rises, do the same when you’re low on it. IE Don’t push on when you’re out of provisions

  • Becca Horovitz

    In a world powered by steam, dig for water first. IE Don’t go looking for treasure before looking for essentials.

  • Mark Jones

    There’s rust in dem hills!

    Good things come to those who dig.

    The early bot gets the jewels…

    Absence makes the thieves grow bolder.

    Ya don’t dig, ya don’t earn.

    A watched bot never sleeps.

  • Rodeofisch

    Not every rock, you break, reveals a treasure. But it does reveal another rock.

    Robot miners also call this “The Rule of Recursion”, because it is both a proverb and an algorithm!

  • curbles

    Water and time cut hard, cut deep.
    Seek depth as a river to earn your keep.

    To see one’s path, illuminate the lantern flame.
    To understand one’s path, extinguish it.

  • Pablo Penton

    No matter how deep you dig your problems always follow.

  • Bernhardi Hammer

    If you dig deep enough, you will find the truth

    Calm down and dig

    The deeper you dig, the more you sink

    Dig and be happy

    There is a lot if thinking when you’re diging

    Your job may be hard, but digging is harder

  • LewisBlytheArt

    *cracks knuckles*

    ‘A dull pickaxe is the sign of an exciting life’

    ‘Anyone can dig down but it takes skill to dig deep’

    ‘A miner’s skill is not measured by their ability to avoid descending into darkness, but by their ability to return to the light afterwards’

    ‘The heart of the earth can always be found beneath you if the heart of discovery can be found within you’

    ‘A miner does not own the dirt they leave behind or the tunnels they carve ahead, but the stories that happen between will always belong to them’

    ‘Digging with full pockets is a waste of steam’

    ‘A miner who has never explored in the darkness can never understand the true value of light’

    ‘The ground beneath your feet is your greatest ally, and your greatest obstacle, even to the most experienced miner’

  • mrfatuous

    Canary down, get up.

  • Heins Guenter

    “Depth creates modesty.”

    “It is gloomy in front of the pickaxe.”

    And my least entry is a common proverb (in Germany), but fits just perfect for hard working robots:

    “If you rest you rust.”

  • Daniel Halfpenny

    The greatest challenge is not the hardest rock to break, but the journey through the shaft.

  • Payter

    “Dig down to break a frown”

  • Payter

    “The sun it rises and it sets but never warms the darkened depths”

    “Dark depths yearn to be lit.”

    “Crack a rock with every tock”

  • Anthony Hetrih

    Not a proverb per-se, but apt I think
    Bots be workin’ in the dust, while fighting off the rust
    Deep beneath the soil, our robotic brethren toil
    They keep digging in the dirt, until their cogs do hurt
    Braving the endless grind, with dreams of what they’ll find
    Knowing there’s no existence finer, than to be a robot miner

  • Payter

    As the old robotical proverb says,
    If desire_to_mine == 0

  • Bibb Herrod

    The greatest treasures are found in the hardest rock.

  • Neowulf

    Keep your lantern lit and your head on your shoulders.

  • SpiderMatsu

    What do you think you’ll become once you dig past rock bottom?

  • Moobsy

    May your light never diminish, and your Pick always be sharp.

  • Юрий Константинов

    Rose Cogsworth (or whatever was the winner name for that shy girl NPC): Every mine is like a minefield. You’ll go kaboom when you think “it’s all mine!”

  • Jose

    Be one with the rock. In turn, you be one with the Earth.

  • NonsensNinja

    “Even the sharpest pickaxe won’t make a miner out of a tin can.”

    Meaning: A sharp pickaxe won’t make you a good miner if you’re a dumb robot

  • Michael Thomas

    “Unless you’ve hit lava, you haven’t dug deep enough.”

  • Stephen Proud

    “If you’ve got time to pick your nose, you’ve got time to know your picks.”

    “What’s yours is mined and what’s mined is ores.”

    “If there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, somebody else got there first!”

    “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ but there’s ‘ore’ in the ‘core’!”

  • Olov Redmalm

    “Don’t mine if I dig!”
    “You gotta mine your own business when the pickaxe is your mistress!”
    “You gotta dig what you gotta dig, ya dig?”
    “You gotta dig the dig you dig, ya dig?”

  • kablob101

    -You can have your coal and mine it too
    -the deeper you dig, the harder it’ll be to get back up
    -one bots ore is another bots diamonds
    -one pickaxe a day will keep the digging at bay
    -the squeaky joint socket gets the grease

  • agent86ix

    A few suggestions:

    Great mines dig alike!
    I got 99 problems, but a ditch ain’t one.

  • Konrad Ptasiński

    — As my friend used to say – If the dig was all, the moal could be a miner. Still trying to figure out that “mole” thing. —

    (I hope you guys get it, my english isn’t perfect.)

  • oasis789

    two drill heads are better than one

  • Ediner Perez

    “Eagles don’t hunt flies”

    Congratulations, a winner is you!

  • Mike Sweet

    I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I decided being a miner was much less dangerous and more profitable so I switched careers.

  • ulric arandez

    Dig up for freedom or dig down for adventure but remember, never dig to your own grave


    Remeber, don’t use all your canaries for one shaft.

  • otrolopezmas

    Once you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way to go is EVEN DEEPER DOWN! DIG HARDER!

  • Seán Mac Thomáis

    One bot’s trash is another bot’s treasure!

  • Seán Mac Thomáis

    Don’t put too much oil in the sprocket!

  • otrolopezmas

    Become like carbon. It only turns shinier and tougher under pressure…

  • Hellsknight Sujay

    “Two hammers don’t make a shovel”
    “When the going gets tough, the tough use explosives”
    “You can’t dig a hole without breaking some rocks”
    “Some digs go deep, deeper than our programming”
    “Don’t judge a mine by its entrance”
    “A cave wall may only be as strong as its loosest rock… unless its stronger”

  • otrolopezmas

    A diamond is just carbon that knows how to handle pressure.

  • John J. Gillick

    Sometimes, you can only dig down

    The best pick can’t swing itself

    Mind the gap

    Running out of lamp oil is a miner inconvenience

  • Bam Bam

    You’re never lonely, with a margarita in your hand.

  • dequesi

    What’s yours is mined.

    • dequesi

      What’s mined is yours.

  • Will Hanvey

    Give a steambot a ore and it’ll eat for one day. Give a steambot a pickaxe and it’ll eat for a year.

  • Jeremy

    Digging only deepens the hole.

  • Jeremy

    Pumped for the game it looks great. I had a couple so here they are.

    Dig, dig for treasure and gold. Before you rust over, before you get old

    Digging for treasure will help you succeed but digging too deep can lead straight to greed

    Even the largest treasures can’t unrust a greedy heart

    Dig and dig until the night ends but wary you dig yourself from family and friends

    Dig for treasures to enjoy while you’re here, don’t hoard and collect or youll rust over in tears

    Searching for gold can be quite the pleasure but kindness and laughter is the true treasure

  • Keep your pick sharp, and your wits sharper.

  • Joshua Stroder

    When in doubt, dig it out.

  • LastBananaOnEarth

    Mine your own business.
    Private property. Trespassers will be screwed.

  • Ipe Fosho

    If you smell what the rock is cooking.

  • dequesi

    A tunnel a day keeps the mechanic away.

  • dequesi

    A family that digs together, stays together.

    A family that digs apart… Well, good luck finding each other again!

  • Payter

    “Darkness hides the brightest gem.”

    “You can’t make steam without a little heat”

  • Craig


  • “The more you continue this quest, the more it will take to return.”

  • Rasmus Vesik

    Dig in day- or nighttime, we don’t care
    but please don’t soil your underwear!

  • yartek

    You don’t pick your pick, your pick picks you.

  • Δικηγόρος του Διαβόλου

    * A ton of small nuggets, a motherload make.

    * When in doubt, dig.

    * Rocks and stones may break my bones, but gems will never harm me.

    (Love many of the proverbs I read bellow, hope to see those wise words in the game).

  • Maneki Neko

    Geology rocks!

  • “Everybody can have new, shiny gears. But only a reputable, hard-working robot has a rusty body.”

    “Without steam there is no us.”

    “A robot without a soul is just a bunch of metal.”

    “Rust is the first step towards the junkyard.”

    “In the darkness the treasure shines brighter.”

    “Freedom can’t only be found high in the skies, but it can also be there deep underground.”

    “A treasure doesn’t worth anything while it is hiding underground. It only becomes valuable when we find it.”

  • “Living forever can’t be your dream when you are a robot.”

  • Aaron

    Another Day, Another Dig.

  • Andreas Czepelczauer

    “To dig, or not to dig, that is the question.”

    “I used to be a shovel knight, but then I took a pick axe to the knee.”

    “Time is digging different down here”

    “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.”

    “The farther you dig the lower you get.”

    “Diamonds are forever, shovels never.”

  • Jefferson Boldrin Cardozo

    “A not so polished gem is better than a broken one”

    “Better safe than stuck in the underground”

    “Don’t dig the ground from under your feet”

    “Behind every great miner there’s a great pick”

    “A shiny skin is the sign of a unexperienced miner”
    “A miner in shining armor hasn’t had his pick tested”

  • Américo Santos

    “Appearances can be deceiving. Remember that not all shinny geodes harbor diamonds.”
    “Appearances can be deceiving. Remember that not all shinny rocks are made of gold.”

    I hope this makes sense, seeing as I am not a native speaker this is harder than I thought. The meaning should be akin to “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It is also based on a real proverb in Brazilian Portuguese so I hope it isn’t as common in English.

  • Cody Book

    Exploration can help you find that the world has so much more to offer.

  • Owen Traynor

    When in doubt dig your way out

  • Owen Traynor

    To create a mine a steambot must begin by picking away the dirt

  • Kishnabe

    “No rock should be left unbroken”

  • Jason Teo

    Give a man a ruby and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to dig and you feed him for a lifetime.

  • Brandon Flick

    Never dig straight up! Unless thats the only way to go…..clogged ports happen one way or another

  • D.j. Pfeiffer

    Well i’m going to end up down there some day, might as well check out the place…. Right?

  • Ricky J Hamilton

    “Even the most worn pick can strike it rich”

  • dequesi

    The pick is mightier than the soil.

  • dequesi

    I’ll show you mine if you show me ore.

  • dequesi

    Here’s a suggestion for a character: the Iron Lady. Not suitable for miners.

  • dequesi

    To “go the extra mine”.

  • Toby Thornton

    “An ore in the hand is worth two in the dirt”

  • Anna Fitzgerald

    If you get stuck between the rock and a hard face, it means that you are either running out of steam or that you are not digging deep enough!

  • Douglas Santos Leite

    I don’t keep heartache but I don’t suffer from amnesia.

    Who speaks what they want, listens what they don’t want.

    Who all wants nothing has.

  • Jake

    The best I can think of is this:

    “All that glitters is not gold.”

  • Mike J Fitzgerald

    A 1.000 pickaxe blows hardly make a practice but a 1.001 can make a strike!

  • Sam Kendall

    You dig until its dug; if it ain’t dug, keep on digging.

  • dequesi

    There’s no place like down.

  • RB de Guzman

    “Gold diggers play with shovels, but the true rock stars pick axe.”

    Definitely not a shot at my other Nindie favorite. =P
    Seriously though I’m sure you’re friends with them and I think they’ll enjoy the friendly banter. Thanks for the ambassador status I&F.

    Here were my variants that I don’t think are as good but would be nice to play around with:
    “Those who pick axe are gold digging rock stars.”
    “Gold diggers who pick axes are the true rock stars.”
    “Everyone’s a gold digger but those who pick axe are the true rock stars.”

    Bonus: Hey now, you’re a rock star. Get your pickaxe, go dig.

  • revolution

    1. A seasoned miner never forges full steam ahead: with his ear to the ground, he never buries all his hopes too deep in any one tunnel, instead…
    2. Keep your ear to the ground and don’t bury all your hopes too deep down one tunnel!
    3. Greedy steambots dig their own grave!

  • Jordan Oloman

    When the Ore gets tough, the cogs keep going

  • A cave can be both a blessing and a curse.

    • Caves are like houses. Sometimes, you may find leaving quite difficult.

  • Max

    Water in the mechanics is worse than the proverbial sand in the works – rust is the mortal enemy of a steambot.

    A dusty winch is better than a rusty hinge.

    The deeper you dig, the higher the payout.

    The deeper you mine, the bigger the dime.

  • Bob Stacey

    The Gems that glint brightest in the sun hide furthest from it.

  • Moon

    …Here’s a scenario I thought up. *imagine this* You’re wandering around a mine shaft for ages, and happen to stumble upon someone. After some banter, he says some parting words:

    ‘I’d buy ya a drink, but you’re a miner’

    … or is that not proverby enough? Well… how about this…

    “If the canary stops responding, you’d better stop prospecting”

  • deadkat

    “Even the most blunt pickaxe can become a powerful tool in the hands of a great digger”
    “every rock hides something, from dust to gold to … monster larvae?”
    “If it shines, dig it. If it still shines, you found yourself a teleporter back home”
    “nothing is impossible for a miner; if you can’t dig it, buy a new pick”
    “even one trashium will lead to wealth”

    Here are all the ones that I could think of. If I had to choose only one though, it’d probably the first or the second one ^-^

  • A rock does not need to be seen to be dug.

  • Good things come to those who dig!

  • Not everything that shines is gold

  • Jacob Sizemore

    Don’t eat the rocks unless you want a timely death. Well… You CAN eat iron in small quantities but that’s about it… Also, you can eat zinc. So ONLY iron and zinc. Oh wait… Calcium… You can eat calcium… But not the kind you find down here. Also, don’t eat the gold. Fool’s gold is poisonous. It’s STILL poisonous if you put mayonnaise on it.

    On second thought, don’t eat any rocks unless you absolutely have to, in which case you can eat iron, Zinc, and calcium in small quantities but don’t bother putting mayonnaise on it because it will still taste terrible.

  • BigK

    It’s hard to mine with a heart and even harder to mine without one.

  • Albin Engdal

    Hydraulic drugs; a moment on the lips, forever on the chips.

    (Chips like computer chips gosh that’s witty isn’t it)

  • Proxima Centauri

    “Only two things matter underground….. Image and Form….. and cash…. three things… Only three things matter underground.”

  • dextorboot

    Out of light, out of sight.

  • Steven Greenwell

    “Picks and steam…A cowbot’s dream!”

  • Steven Greenwell

    “Old cowbots never die…They just get re-booted!”

  • Steven Greenwell

    “Picks and steam…A cowbot’s dream!”

  • Luis Felipe Labaki

    Ok, I know I’m late, but:

    “There’s no better mine than a mine that’s mine.”

    “A crumbling mine ain’t worth a dime.”

    “Nothing to fear but the rust in my gear.”

    “Rust in peace.”

    “Be a miner, not a minor.”

  • Ninja-Trix

    I have a triplet! (I hope that’s okay.)
    “You can dig for years and find nothing, but somehow a baby finds a diamond in the dirt.”

    “You just need to keep on digging for infinity.”

    “Slow down or you’ll dig to through the center of the planet!”

  • “A pickaxe is your hand for all the life”

  • Thanks for your entries, everyone! The winners are…

    @disqus_RASoG6HMRO:disqus with the entry: “A tunnel without an exit is just a long coffin.”


    @grrouchie:disqus with his awesome proverb: “When in doubt, keep digging.”

    Lookout for an email from me in the coming days!

    • Brent Middleton

      Thank you so much! I’m seriously shocked!! I’ve tweeted my email to you!

    • Gary Gray

      @ggrouchie @bret Massive congratulations! I loved competitions like these. I hope more come in the future!

  • Kai Grieb

    Why am I always late to these things?