Write a Tagline for SteamWorld Heist

Write the SteamWorld Heist Tagline – Ambassador Challenge #8

Howdy, partners!

This week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge is simple to explain but equally hard to master: We want you to write the tagline for SteamWorld Heist. As you may recall, SteamWorld Dig has the subtitle “A Fistful of Dirt” (a not-so-subtle nod to the similarly named Spaghetti Western film). We want something even better for SteamWorld Heist and firmly believe that you are up to the challenge.

Exactly how the winning tagline will be used is still up in the air. But try to write it so it would make sense to put it beneath the game’s logo. It has to be short, catchy, relatable and suit the game perfectly.


What to write?

This challenge will only have one winner. It’s a first for the SteamWorld Ambassador Challenges, and I think it’ll spice things up quite a bit. If no suitable entry is submitted before the deadline (see below) we will still pick a winner to use as inspiration when writing game descriptions for our websites and online outlets.

What you win…

If you win you’ll become a SteamWorld Ambassador and be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code for the full game. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. The Ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

How to enter…

Write your tagline(s)/subtitl(e) (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your idea by Sunday September 13th at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll reveal the winner in next week’s blog update (Tuesday). By submitting your ideas you give us the rights to freely use them in our products, services and marketing materials. We reserve the right to decide if the winning entry appears in SteamWorld Heist or not.

You are completely free with your tagline, but let’s keep it safe for work and enjoyable for everyone. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

  • jesse piensalmi

    It should be “Steamworld heist Out of steam”

  • Peter K

    “Garbage day, In Space!”

  • Moobsy

    SteamWorld Heist “Time to break stuff!”

  • The Rusty & the Desperate

  • Cameron

    “Rust in Space.”

    • Max Criden

      Really rad.

  • Teribite

    Steam World Heist: robots, space, and a butt ton of hats

    • Dzian Kolack


  • The Good, the Bad and the Rusty

    • disqus_qv0tyrfZ7d

      I could see them going with this one…

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      I give up. You win!

  • curbles

    In space, no one can hear you steam.

    • Max Criden

      Whoa. That is amazing.

    • Guillaume Peugniez

      I had the same idea. You were first, so you totally have my worthless vote !

    • Dzian Kolack

      Haha this one should win. I don’t even need to keep going down to know that I like this one. It’s so compelling and clever XD

    • Michael Hughes

      We had the same idea! Not too surprising. I played off ‘heist’ instead (“In space no one can hear you scheme.”)

      • curbles

        thanks I guess great minds think alike ! 😀

        • Michael Hughes

          Ha, indeed! I meant “not surprising” only in the sense that the Alien tagline is practically begging for parody here. Only natural that several of us would gravitate toward it, but you beat me to the punch. 🙂

    • Exodus

      I did that one too!

  • More spacey, and oh so steamy.

  • To Tipota To Tipota

    Captain Piper’s eleven

  • Caught, red-handed!

  • Omar

    Deep Space Steam

  • Legokung

    SteamWorld Heist: Bolts Deep…

  • Cakehunter

    “A steam powered, space pirate adventure”
    “A steamy space pirate adventure”

  • Stephen Patamon

    Steamworld Heist: Shoot them before they shoot you.

  • Mathias Rossie

    Dead. Bang! Revolver

  • Noah Bowden

    “Reservoir Bots” (a nod to the heist movie, Reservoir Dogs. Not to mention the word “reservoir” seems pretty relevant to the interests of the robots in Steamworld Heist.)

    • reeroy

      Reservoir Cogs. 😉

  • IKAY

    – Full Steam Space Machine (there is actually a song called like that)
    – Steamy Space Adventures
    – We’re the good ones, right?
    – Before Steampunk was cool

  • curbles

    Steamworld Heist: Shoot first. Ask questions vapor.

  • DavidID

    SteamWorld Heist – Codename: V.A.L.V.E

    • Dzian Kolack

      Like Codename Steam? Haha

  • Galen F

    StreamWorld Heist: Skyway Robbery

  • DarkCoolEdge

    Beyond steam and space

    Steam time!

    Things are about to get steamy.

    Steam farther than any robot before

    • curbles

      I like beyond steam and space

  • krambo

    SteamWorld Heist: Robots. In Space. With Hats.

  • craigums

    No more Mr. Heist Guy.

  • ToneSibley

    Are you Tin or Out?

  • Youabra

    SteamWorld Heist: Punks out of Steam
    SteamWorld Heist: Searches of the Gearlaxy.
    I suck at making puns 🙂

  • SteamWorld Heist: Reaching New Heists!
    SteamWorld Heist: Fire When Ready!
    SteamWorld Heist: Hats off to You!

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: Tin Gallon Hats

  • ToneSibley

    SteamWorld Heist: Are you Tin or Out?
    SteamWorld Heist: Brass an’ Copper you can’t refuse
    SteamWorld Heist: Every Cog has his day

    • Saint Killjoy

      Every Cog Has His Day. Yeah, this should be the winner….

  • Saint Killjoy

    It can only be attributable to human error. (This is a reference that HAL the AI states to Dave in 2001 a Space Odyssey.)

  • Юрий Константинов

    Steamroll or get steamrolled

  • Hoezay

    One Heated Hold-up

  • Craig Taylor Collins

    Steel hearts. Steal parts.

  • Cody Muzio

    True Rust

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: No country for old bots

    • curbles

      Or even better – No country for old TIN!

  • Andy M

    Steam ’em Up Punks

  • Guillaume Peugniez

    “In space no one can hear you steam”
    EDIT : Oh man I can see I was NOT original.

  • Saint Killjoy

    SteamWorld Heist – Nuts & Bolts

  • QuixoticRocket

    A Galaxy of Adventure

    Intergalactic Piracy Ahoy

    Renegade Robotic Rampage

    A Fistful of Stars

    A Space Oddity

    Steam Wars

    • QuixoticRocket

      Sorry for the spam but i just did a brain dump.
      “A Fistful of Stars” hints back to Dig.
      “A Space Oddity” is a hat tip to 2001.
      “Steam Wars” is a nod to Star Wars, although looking back it’s not the best suggestion.

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: High Moon

    • Dzian Kolack

      Ahhh I see what you did there!

  • Abgarok

    Rust Another Day

    • QuixoticRocket

      James Bondy… MoonRuster?

      • Abgarok

        The sequel will be…

        The Mine is not Enough

        • curbles

          Rusty: “Do you expect me to talk?”
          Villain: “No Mr Bot I expect you to die!”

        • minirop

          Steam never dies!
          For your ore only!
          License to Rust!
          steambots are forever!

          (infinite ideas :D)

  • Olmectron

    A Pile of Steam

  • th3potatowarrior

    The wild west of space

  • Olmectron

    Steaming Ahead

  • Ricardo Beltran

    Raiders of the Ancient Relics

  • th3potatowarrior

    Who needs electricity???

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: Droughter Space Bandits.
    No wait. That just makes me realize how messed up the english pronunciation of the word drought is…

  • curbles

    Steamworld Heist: Spaceward HO!

  • Olmectron

    Break-in Ahead

  • curbles

    Steamworld Heist: Bot overboard!

  • César Roberto López Rubio

    A Steamy Space Odyssey

  • Guillaume Peugniez

    Space, the final career.

    Space, the final bad steer

    Man, finding rhymes for “frontier” is hard

  • Guillaume Peugniez

    BANG ! ZOOM ! Straight to the Moon !

  • QuixoticRocket

    The Steam Must Flow (a Dune reference.. not very fitting, but I like Dune).

    • curbles

      I too was thinking Dune if for nothing else but the similarities in water scarcity, but I haven’t figured out a catchy line yet…

      • curbles

        They call me Rusty Maud’Dib!

      • curbles

        Steam is the mind killer.

      • curbles

        He who controls the water controls the universe.

  • Inferno Uprising

    Stealing it up… Bolt by bolt.

  • whitespy12

    SteamWorld Heist: The Good, the Bad and the Scrappy

  • GreenLeaves91

    Steamworld Heist: Gears in Motion

  • Galen F

    Steam World Heist: the video game. Lol.

  • whitespy12

    SteamWorld Heist: Caper Beyond the Stars

  • Guillaume Peugniez

    To boldly go where no tin can has gone before !

  • Zachary Addison

    Get the dirt on them, before they get the dirt on you.

  • Galen F

    Gunning on Fumes

  • Zachary Addison

    Can you dig it?

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: Scrap or be scrapped

  • curbles

    Steamworld Heist: Cosmic Rust (a play on cosmic dust 😀 )

  • Zachary Addison

    Steam World Heist: The Dirt, the Grime, and the Muddy

  • Zachary Addison

    Steam World Heist: Space Dust Forever

  • Jay

    “A Scrapround of Bullets”

  • Nick Benedetto

    SteamWorld Heist: The Bottalion Job

    *robot parody of The Italian Job*

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: Boom & Board

  • TrueWiiMaster

    SteamWorld Heist: Barrels of Steam (alternately, Gun Barrels of Steam).

  • Paul Tamborello

    “Steamworld Heist: The Swindled Frontier”

  • curbles

    Botnanza (ok now I’m just getting silly)

  • Max Criden

    Steamworld Heist: You feelin’ lucky, Steampunk?

    Steamworld Heist: The Fog of War

    Steamworld Heist: Steam me up, Rusty

    Steamworld Heist: Rock ’em, Turn ‘Em Robots

    Steamworld Heist: Once Upon a Time in Space

    Steamworld Heist: For a few Spacebucks More

    Steamworld Heist: High Plains Robot

    Steamworld Heist: The Great Space Train Robbery

    • curbles

      I like the “for a few spacebucks more.” I was just saying that if this is the 2nd in the Steamworld “dollars” trilogy, it should follow the titles of the originals 🙂

      • Max Criden

        Haha, thank you. I like rock ’em turn ’em robots but it’s probably too outré. I think Fog of War is good, too, because steam –> fog, but also the second meaning of “fog of war” in turn-based strategy games, but again probably a bit obscure… 🙂

  • th3potatowarrior

    The steam awakens

    • curbles

      long ago in a galaxsteam far far away.

  • Atticus Albright

    A wrench in the gears

  • babulibaba

    Space Junk
    Space Junkies
    Revolvers in Space (planets revolve, get it?)
    Guerrillas in Space
    Scrap Wars

  • Orion Hermans

    Steamworld Heist:
    Full Steam Ahead!


    Steamworld Heist:
    A Space Odyssey
    (Continuing the line of not so subtle nods)

  • curbles

    Bullets for Water.
    (ok, probably a bit too political)

  • curbles

    Steamworld Heist: Gunforgiven

  • Robert Alley

    SteamWorld Heist: Scavengers Under Pressure
    SteamWorld Heist: Cowboy Steambot
    SteamWorld Heist: Intergalactic Hat hAir
    (Yes, that is a lower case h followed by an upper case A)

    SteamWorld Heist: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Space Bar
    SteamWorld Heist: A Time and Space for Everything (or) “A Time in Space for Everything” if that sounds better.

    So those are five I’m putting out there.

  • The2ndQuest

    Chrome on the Range

  • Cap’n

    “Get ready… Steam is coming to breakfast!”

  • Austin Troth

    Rust in Peace

    • Abgarok

      More like in space.

  • Nathan Ellingsworth

    Time to Kick Gas…

  • curbles

    Steamworld Heist: Rustle and Flow

  • The2ndQuest

    The Great Geartrain Robbery (or Drivetrain, if you prefer)

  • th3potatowarrior

    Criminal MaSteaminds

  • Charlie Salter

    Steamworld Heist: A gunful of Fog.

  • th3potatowarrior

    And the half-rust prince

  • th3potatowarrior

    Eliminating Threats since 1862

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: Gunfully Employed

  • Trevor Munro

    Steamworld Heist: Cruisin for a Bruisin
    Steamworld Heist: Spacejackers

  • Atticus Albright

    Lock,stock and two steaming barrels

  • James Ridley

    Starlight Robbery

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: Deep Space Mine

  • Chris

    A handful of heist

  • zvenalot

    A bucket of bolts.

    Will this game be coming to steam ?

    • It is coming to every platform in this generation 🙂

  • curbles

    SteamWorld Heist: Heist makes Weist.

    • curbles

      SteamWorld Heist: Spacetime for Heistler (joke submission)

      • curbles

        Jeez’s Heist

      • curbles

        SteamWorld Heist: Tin, Lose, or Draw

  • Atticus Albright

    No country for rust bots

  • Patrick Leung

    SteamWorld Heist: We like it deep
    StreamWorld Heist: Reach for the centre.

  • Otto Petersen

    ( ) = not actually in the phrase!

    The Metallic Job
    A New Holster
    2016 (or whatever year it’s set in) Space Oddity

    Trash Effect

  • Chris

    Heist and dice
    Slice and heist

    Bots and robbers

    A bot’s life

    • curbles

      I like the first one, but it should be “Heist & Diced”

      • Chris


  • Chris

    Don’t cross the steams

  • Goombasareawesome

    Some Star wars references “Piper Strikes Back” “The Robot Menece”

    • Goombasareawesome

      If I think of something better I’ll post it

  • Sam Miller

    For Few Ore More /
    For a Few Ore More

    • questionablerolemodel

      Ahhhh. I get it.

  • Timothy Kolek

    For a few planets more. (to continue the Spaghetti western theme).


    Rust in Space. (to harken back to older space titles, specifically Lost in Space from the 1960s for this one.)
    Journey to the Rusty Gasket (or something similar. inspired by Journey to the Seventh Planet, a 1960s science fiction space movie.)

  • curbles

    For a Few Dollars Ore

  • Chris

    Rust in pieces

  • Harold Rivera

    Steamworld Heist Age of Piper, or Age of Looting.

  • Timppis

    Piper Unchained
    Once upon a time in the stars
    The amateurs
    The magnificent Steam
    The Wild Bots

  • Ashley Day

    The Great Hat Robbery


    Three Turns To Yuma!

    • curbles

      I like the Three turns to Yuma. Good western reference and also references the turn-based strategy.

  • Undead_terror

    “Stealing Steam”
    “Rusted Conflict”
    “Rust off the old scrap”
    “Rusted crimes”

  • Tbird88

    StarSteam Shooter

  • wifishark

    “Heist or Scrap”
    “Just Survive”
    “No Gears No Glory”
    “Shoot First or Die”
    “Final Frontier”

  • Richard Chris Cross

    No Time To Be Rusting Through Space

  • Garrett Davenport

    steamworld heist: full steam ahead

  • kensredemption

    SteamWorld Heists: The Smoky Bandits

  • Some guy

    This time, it’s personal.

  • The Good, The Bot, the Ornery.


    The Good, The Bot, The Rusty.

  • Atticus Albright

    Where water is thicker than oil.

  • Guillaume Peugniez

    Loot for the sky !
    Loot for the Moon !
    Loot for the Stars !
    Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll blast somebody

  • Bryan F. Fahey

    Worldly Tom-thievery (instead of tomfoolery)

  • Oliver McKee

    11th ocean of tranquility

  • Oliver McKee

    Has Resevoir Cogs gone?

  • Oliver McKee

    Galactic Cog-quest

  • Oliver McKee

    Nuts of Steel

  • Flintinator

    Steamworld Heist:
    All Outta Gun

  • Oliver McKee

    Nuts for Garters

    • Flintinator

      Are you nuts!?

      • Alastair Hadlow

        No, he’s nuts for garters

  • Fallarnon

    Dancing with Robots

  • Fallarnon

    Dancing with Steam-Driven Robots

  • Fallarnon

    True Steam.

  • Tyler

    Star-s-team shooter

  • Oliver McKee

    Ocean’s 00110001 00110001

  • Oliver McKee

    A Screw Loose

  • Oliver McKee

    Awesome Mix Volume 1.

  • Chriscuz

    Scavengers Assemble

    Salvage or Rust

    Shoot, loot and reboot

    • Sparkulator


      • disqus_qv0tyrfZ7d

        Mine too!

    • “Shoot, loot and reboot” is my favorite. 😀

  • Brian

    Live to Dig Another Day

  • Oliver McKee

    Lubrication, Nut Deep

    • PowerHouse

      I’ve been exploring the third dimension for 17 eons and have seen the beginnings of stars and the end of time (twice). I’ve counted every single grain of sand of Serengeti while Jupiter experienced it’s third metaphysical crisis but that is the single best subtitle I have ever heard

  • mainpatr

    Steamworld Heist:Steam Panic(Reference to an old Game and Watch game)
    Steamworld Heist:Warm War

  • SilverBolt R

    A Bolt put to Rust

  • Oliver McKee

    LBX 2

  • Brian

    A Heist Game…with Robots

  • Ash

    The Great Hat Holdup!


    Great – Because the game will be 😉
    Hat – Game features collecting hats
    Holdup – Another word for heist

  • Juan

    Rusty shackles can only hold so long.

  • earthmanbrick

    ”Breaching the Void of the Oldest Frontier”
    ”A Hulk Full of Screwed Bots”

    ”Scouring the Debris of the Damned”
    ”All Gassed & Geared with Barely a Bolt too Loose”
    ”A few more Dirty Dregs”

  • Brian

    Tactical Raiding Operations

  • th3potatowarrior

    Who you gonna call??? Steam rusters!!!

  • th3potatowarrior

    A Passing of Gas!!!

  • Chriscuz

    Gather your allies, then gather your alloys

    The big Steel

    The Art of the Steel

  • SteamWorld Heist: Silent Hinge
    SteamWorld Heist: Get Steamy in Space
    SteamWorld Heist: Enter the Breaks
    SteamWorld Heist: Nice ship. We’ll take it!

  • Chriscuz

    The spoils of ore

    • curbles

      Oh, dang. Just when I thought I had a winner…nice one!

  • Logan

    (tribute to one of the first arcade games, SpaceWar!)

    In space, no one can hear your heist.

  • Atticus Albright

    Steamworld heist: Your water or you’re scrap

  • Bryan F. Fahey

    Space botyssey

  • Bryan F. Fahey

    Ore you experienced?

  • Exodus

    Never heard of this series before, but it’s worth a shot. Here goes…

    SteamWorld Heist: Taking Shots
    SteamWorld Heist: A Deeper Hole
    SteamWorld Heist: Hat Tamale
    SteamWorld Heist: Blowing Steam
    SteamWorld Heist: Digging Yourself Deeper
    SteamWorld Heist: Water Under The Bridge
    SteamWorld Heist: High and Dry
    SteamWorld Heist: In Space No-One Can Hear You Steam
    SteamWorld Heist: Ship or Drip
    SteamWorld Heist: Mined over Matter

    SteamWorld Heist: Tapped Out

    That’s all I got.

    Edit: Just looked up Dig, looks awesome.
    I’m not going to shamelessly advertise my YouTube channel; I’m not like that.

  • GLA

    Steamworld Heist: Born Game. You dig?

  • Maughan3

    SteamWorld Heist: Revenge of the Rust

  • SteamWorld Heist: For a fistful of hats
    SteamWorld Heist: Return of the Spacebots
    SteamWorld Heist: Destination Space
    SteamWorld Heist: From your favourite hatmakers

  • FourteenCoast

    A universe of scrap

  • th3potatowarrior

    Cogs in space!!! ( the muppet show pigs in space reference)

  • th3potatowarrior

    Back to the future of the past

  • Space Guitarist

    Mine is very simple but in line with the “heist” theme and the tradition of dirt:
    “It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it”

    or, if you want to keep the Leone thingy…

    “The good, the bad and the DIRT”

  • The Color of Oil

  • “Rust in Pieces”

    “Fighting for Scraps”

    “Desperate times, desperate measures”

  • reeroy

    A Fistful of Steal

    Think Before You Clink

    Cops And Robots

    High Vaultage!

  • Ash

    The Jewel Of The Hat

    Steam Of A Gun

    Hats Of The Galaxy

    The Mad Hatter’s Steam Party


  • Brooks Eagleborne Tibbetts

    The Gold, the Bronze, and the Rusty

  • Kifa

    I wonder if I can get away with those:
    “The future is worth chugging for.”
    “They’re stoked. She’s dangerous.”
    “You can’t stop the steam!”
    “They aim to blow-off.” (This last one was hard, really could not find anything more puny and steam related here)

  • Ash

    I think I’ve got a really good one!

    “SteamWorld Heist – Grand Theft Automaton!

    Obviously a play on GTA which relates to stealing while according to google a definition of Automaton can be

    “a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being.”

  • Jens Kjærgaard Boldsen

    “You’ll dig it! It’s a steal!”

  • Aaron White

    Steam World Heist: True Gears

  • reeroy

    Breach For The Sky!

  • Chris Fusselman

    A Few Cogs More

  • Brian

    To the diggers goes the spoils

  • Bu Faisal

    A Rootin Tootin Space Odyssey

  • Bob

    SteamWorld Heist: Steamghetti Western

  • arrowM

    Space Cowbots.

  • Ramiro

    If at first you don’t succeed dig, dig again.
    He’s in town with a few days to dig.

  • Oliver McKee

    Fist Full of Space Dirt

    • Dzian Kolack

      Really? -_-

  • Anubis316

    One hat to rule them all. Sprocets and Spirngs in Space. A hatful of stars. Or if SWD was a spoof movie name how about a star wars spoof movie name, like Return of the Automaton or Steambots strike back

  • Oliver McKee

    Engage Inertial Clampers.

  • Oliver McKee

    Quantum Screwdrivers, Ready

  • Frapp

    Plunderbolt and Lifeforce
    They Call Me Tinny
    Paint Your Cargo Hold
    Silent Gunning

  • Tom Middler

    “Put your nuts where I can see ’em”

    Nah…how about something like: “Steamworld Heist: The Great Drain Robbery”

    • Dzian Kolack

      That one is also awesome!

  • b

    Steam Punk’d

  • fanofdaladies

    Steamworld Heist: Ashes to ashes, rust to rust

  • Sikthvash

    The Celestial Caper

  • Point21Gigawatts

    Steamworld Heist: The Planetary Pilferage

  • Jack

    The Good, the Bad, and the Rusty

  • Sikthvash

    High Planet Drifter

  • Sikthvash

    Rival Astro-Turf

  • rquinain

    -Deez Nuts and Bolts
    -A Pistol for Piper
    -A Minute to Dig, a Second to Rust
    -Rust, Man, Rust
    -The Big Digdown
    -A Space Oddity
    -War of the Worlds
    -Close Encounters of the Rusty Kind
    -Total Rust-all

  • Kapulobo

    SteamWorld Heist: Prepare for Boarding


  • Miahjennah

    Intermetallic mayhem

  • valkyrie

    SteamWorld Heist: Piper’s Heroes.
    SteamWorld Heist: The Intergalactic Job.
    Nods to a couple of classic Heist movies.

    • Sparkulator

      Piper’s Heroes = Awesome. Love it.

      • valkyrie

        Thanks 🙂

  • Miahjennah

    There will be steam

  • kablob101

    Steamworld heist: blow off some steam
    Steamworld hesit: oh nuts
    Steamworld heist: bullets ‘n space

  • Miahjennah

    The fallacy of freedom

  • Kapulobo

    SteamWorld Heist: Prepare for Boarding

  • Flatcross

    “Cowbot Bebop”

    “See You, Space Cowbot…”

    “One Giant Leap for Steam-kind”

    “Acogalypse Now”

    “Batteries Not Included”

    “Shoot ’em, Loot ’em, Reboot ’em” or “Boot, Shoot and Loot ’em Up”

    “Cowbots and Aliens”

    • Dzian Kolack


      • Flatcross

        Haha thanks! 🙂

    • Quomenic Diquero

      My favourite one out of al of these is Batteries Not Included

  • SteamWorld Heist: Scrap Wars – A New Hat

  • Just to make you laugh (maybe) a bit, here’s my brainstorming results… ;D

  • James Kensel

    Steamworld Heist
    Tactical Space Combat

  • Thiago Castro

    The last fighter of a steamworld.

  • Shu

    “The Mile Heist Club”
    “Rob Bots, Steal Steel”
    “Steam Punks”
    “What’s Yours is Mined”

  • Gaznor

    SteamWorld Heist: Stealing Steel
    SteamWorld Heist: Outlaw Steel

  • Daniel Craib

    Steamworld Heist :
    To Steel, Kill and Deploy

  • BngryBt

    I see your bolts are as big as mine

  • Brian

    Hold on to your Bolts

  • Joshua B

    Every bot has its day

  • Space Guitarist

    well since you have (space)ships and the theme seems almost like steam-powered pirates assaulting (space)ships, why not something like this:

    SteamWorld Heist – Ocean of Rust

    it’s a bit of a play on the “Ocean’s” series of heist films. But it’s also the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the two ships in the trailer – that they were sailing in an ocean of rust…

  • InstantVillain .

    In Dirt We Trust

  • Gino Seconnino

    Close Encounters of the Scrapper Kind

    A Space Prophecy

    A Space Comedy

  • WiiLovePeace

    SteamWorld Heist: A Fist Full of Cash 😀

  • Briana Pero

    Steamworld Heist: Gears of Steam
    Steamworld Heist: Robbing the boiler
    Steamworld Heist: Pipe Dreams

    • PowerHouse

      Is that a gears of war reference?

  • Paul Plunkett

    Ooh, we’re going to need a few for this:

    ‘The Filth Element’

    ‘The Last Salvager’

    ‘Bucket Rogers Guide to Salvage’

  • U Gunna Git Shrekt

    Steamworld Heist
    Galactic Emission
    Robotic Granulation
    Hydrazine Steam/Rust
    don’t have much story to work this off of 🙂

  • Method

    A bag full of loot / A bag full of space loot / Take space bolt by bolt.

  • Bygjuce

    SteamWorld Heist: Heist Harder


    SteamWorld Heist: Steam Harder

  • Steffie Crawley

    How about ‘Emission Impossible’


  • How about…

    “Rob ’em Blind”?

    Not very creative…

  • PowerHouse

    I GOT IT,
    Shoot, Loot, and reboot!!

  • Dzian Kolack

    Water you waiting for?

  • onerypopopangoonerypopopango

    Boltly greasing the gears…

  • Dzian Kolack

    Steam and I’ll shoot!

  • Ted Scott

    SteamWorld Heist: Cog Day Afternoon

    SteamWorld Heist: Payday 3: Robocalypse Edition

  • Richard Rowel Whitechest

    Battle Beyond the Stars?
    The Adventures of Captain Piper Across the 10th Dimension?
    The Bot from Another Planet?
    The Last Steamfighter?
    *Boiler not included?

  • Bluekirby2

    Steamworld Heist: You Can (Not) Dig It.

    It’s all I got and I needed to make an Evangelion reference, so…………….

  • Stormwind Champion

    ‘Sail the Iron Sky’

    ‘Floating in a Tin Can’

    That’s all I got XD

  • Alex ermgodts

    Don’t bite the rusty bullet

    Another one bites the rust

    High hoe steamer

    The not so Lone Ranger

  • Adam

    Loot all over the space.

  • Adam

    Let’s be Steam guys.

  • Dzian Kolack

    SteamWorld Heist
    Locked and Looted

    😀 Yep this one’s a winner!

  • Sparkulator

    “Open the pod bay doors, Pal”

    Or maybe “Gear Up and Go!”

  • the1andonlyIKY

    The Great Oxidizer

  • OhHaiMe

    Get In.Get Out. Get STEAMED.

    The Magnetic Seven.

    A Hitchhikers Guide to the Gearlaxy

  • Clive of Legend

    “Balls of Steal”

    …Someone else must have come up with that rubbish pun first…

  • OhHaiMe

    For a few gallons more

    Where no bot has gone before.

  • william romeo

    Nuclear Horizons or Rage Against the Man .

  • eleonora rip

    Steal and Steam Contest!

  • Quomenic Diquero

    “Shaken, Not Steamed”

  • Dzian Kolack

    Locked and Looted

    or how about

    Water You Waiting For?

  • miggzzz82

    The Great Space Snobbery

  • Hussain AlMansouri

    A fist full of hurt

    • Dzian Kolack


  • GammaGames

    “Back room schemers”
    “Let the steam off in the sun”

    Both inspired by the Steve Miller Band, Space Cowboy and The Joker

  • Declan Muller

    Steamworld Heist: Line, Shoot and Sink-‘er

  • Nico_D

    – Of Vice and Steel.
    – How to Steel a Million
    – The Great Steam Robbery

  • Beatie Turned

    Steel yourself for glory!

    • Beatie Turned

      Or indeed just “Steel yourself!”

  • Kaine Morrison

    SteamWorld Heist:
    Better than the first!

  • Kaine Morrison

    SteamWorld Heist:
    Heists…In Space!

  • Steamworld Heist: Starring Clint Eastbolt

  • Agentdave7

    SteamWorld Heist:

    -No Steeling Allowed!
    -It’s High Noon 24/7
    -Blowing Off Steam Since 2010
    -Teaching Robots A Lesson

  • Chriscuz

    It’s all in the reflexes


    It’s all in the mechanics

  • Lars

    SteamWorld Heist:

    – The Scavenger’s Guide to the Galaxy

    – The Peacemaker’s Guide to the Smallbots

    – Olly Olly Oil/Rust Free

    – The Iron Weapon Court

  • Niko Gerentes

    SteamWorld Heist: The One Who Knocks

  • rockford

    Rust In Pieces

  • gamermole

    Steamworld heist- out of ore-bit

  • minirop

    “SteamWorld Heist: Water or Slaughter”

  • Gastreat

    Blast from the rust
    Are you for steal?
    Wild Wild Space

  • Dhira Atman

    steamworld heist: space thievin’ for a livin’

  • Juan-Pablo Buenajoya del Barri

    Well, I’m sure there’ll also be a third installment of the Steamworld-series, so if you started with a hommage to the “Dollars Trilogy”, stick with it 😉
    If the first tagline was “A Fistful of Dirt”, the second one should be one of the following:
    – For A Few Heists More (in order to put emphasis on Heists)
    – For A Few Raids More (since you raid ships)
    – For A Few Hats More (since everybody wears hats?)

    (So if you decide to stick with the hommage to the “Dollars”, the third Steamworld-game has to have a tagline for “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” – too early to be thinking about it right now?) 🙂

  • Christian André Våge

    Another One Bites the Rust
    Rust Another Day

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – No Time to Rust

  • Legokung

    SteamWorld Heist: It’s in The Game

  • Barl0we

    The Good, the Bad, and the Rusty.

    Bot for a Silver Dollar

    Once Upon a Time in Space

    Heifers, Ciphers, Heisters

    Old Steamhand

    Captain Piper, Hero of the Deep Space

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – The Great Rust in the Sky

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – Bolt to Space

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – The Dirty Mechs

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – A Different Kettle of Dirt

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – Mech My Day

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – The Dirty Little Sequel

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – Through Time and Dirt

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – A Game of Bolts

  • Mike Raff

    Steamworld Heist – Reach for the Mine

  • SteamWorld Heist: The Chronicles of Piper
    SteamWorld Heist: Planet of the Shiners
    SteamWorld Heist: Space Cowbots
    SteamWorld Heist: The Steambot’s Guide to the Galaxy
    SteamWorld Heist: Rusty 13
    ok, enough with the movie title references… ;D

  • SteamWorld Heist: The Quest for Aqua Centauri

  • Nico_D

    (Posted this before but for some reason it’s not showing…)

    – Of Vice and Steel.
    – How to Steel a Million
    – The Great Steam Robbery

  • Sam Litchfield

    The Good, the Bad and the Rusty

  • Neil Foster

    Crime Holds Up

  • Steven Derrick

    The Galaxian Job

  • Steven Derrick

    Star Hoards

  • Warruz

    SteamWorld Heist: Live Long, and Steal
    SteamWorld Heist: Dwarfed Troubles

  • Antti Nikkilä

    “Heist a la vista”

    Or maybe…

    “Heist, heist, baby”

  • Wormold

    A Brief Purloin In Time

  • Frapp

    or simply… SteamWorld Heist: Tin Can Alley

  • Timppis

    Bolt, volt and two steaming Bots

  • Niko Gerentes

    SteamWorld Heist: The One Who Knocks

  • PLov

    Spaceship Invaders
    Invasion of the bot snatchers
    When worlds corrode

  • “SteamWorld Heist: We Even Have Hats” wasn’t well enough?

    Maybe “SteamWorld Heist: Steam-Driven Space Rampage” then?
    Or “SteamWorld Heist: Rusty Bullet Tales”?

  • Michael Hughes

    In space no one can hear you scheme.

  • disqus_qv0tyrfZ7d

    A fistful of grit

  • Cutberto Gonzalez

    A screw Odyssey

  • Finn Brady

    Steamworld Heist: Steal & Rust

    • Dzian Kolack

      Haha wordplay

  • Blair Death

    I´m back again. Sorry for my inactivity, while school I don´t have the time to create such masterpieces for the challenges like other people. 🙂
    “Steamworld Heist – Metal Fights” is my idea. I don´t know but for me it sounds kind of epic like “Steamworld Dig – A Fistful of dirt”. :3 Good luck to all!

  • Vix Chan

    Some that are parody’s of old spaghetti westerns like Steamworld Dig, also added some from old cowboy music (any Johnny Cash fans out there?)

    Great Space Robbery
    A Fue Bolts More
    High Space Drifter
    Rob ‘Em Dry
    Scrap ‘Em High
    North To Andromeda (my personal favourite)
    Gear Raiders In The Sky
    Space Raders In The Sky
    Don’t Leave Your Guns In Town
    The Cowbot’s Hat

  • Monkey Jump

    Steam World Heist: Prepare To Get Your Steam Stolen Away:
    “May the Steam be With You, Always.

  • Saint Killjoy

    To boldly heist where not bot has heisted before.

    • Saint Killjoy

      er spelling error… Let’s try this again.
      To boldly heist where no bot has heisted before.

      • PersonSP

        Long but terrific. Though I’d say “To boldly heist what no bot has heisted before.” 🙂

        • Dzian Kolack

          To be clear, that’s the same thing, right? Someone tell me I’m not crazy!!!

          • PersonSP

            The difference is in “where” and “what” 😉

  • Jonzobear

    A Handful Of Loot

  • PersonSP

    Okay let’s do this! …I’m terrible with taglines. ._. Since there’s no limit to the number of taglines…

    1. Space-race
    2. About pirates and hats
    3. Some time in the future a far away galaxy…
    4. An odyssey in space

    More to come!

    • PersonSP

      New batch of tag ideas:

      5. Steamingly fun
      6. To bolts and bits and beyond (Remember when I said I was terrible at this? Well, this one ain’t so bad)

      • PersonSP

        And some more! 😀

        9. Starlight Scavengers
        10. In space, you can’t rust!
        11. Rust for the wicked (Ain’t no rest for the wicked 😉 )
        12. Gears of Time (Probably only works if it involves time travel, which it probably doesn’t, but why not try?)
        13. A jar of water
        14. For a drop of water

  • Dave Schofield

    In Space, No One Can Hear You Steam

    You Can’t Take The Sky From Me

    Steamworld Heist: The Rocketeers

    …and that’s all I got.

  • Triple-Ape

    “Scavenge the Future”

  • Retro Toast

    Riders of the Damocloid


    Raiders from the Bok Globule

  • Hellsong

    (I thank you)

  • Atticus Albright

    Steamworld heist: oil be dammed!

  • Mohammed Laes

    – You know, pirates, but in space!

    – Piracy – Hostile take over. Without the messy paperwork.

    • Thedoctor103

      I love futurama

  • Oliver McKee

    Let slip the cogs of war

    • Dzian Kolack


  • Oliver McKee

    Cog Piston vs. The World

  • Oliver McKee

    Hydraulic Bandits

  • Chriscuz

    The Quick and the Salvage

    Time to play the Piper

    Steaming to victory

  • Peter

    An Offer You Can’t Refuel

    • Dzian Kolack


  • Brian

    Get Ready to Blow Some Steam

    • Dzian Kolack

      Also good 😀

  • InterNutter

    A Few Hats More

    A Few Bots More

    Son of a Gun
    Rip Roarin’ Raiders
    Come Back, Shine
    One Good Turn
    Piston Packin’
    Piston Packin’ Pirates
    Death Rides a Rocketship
    Run Bot Run

  • SteamWorld Heist: Pirates Without A Sea
    inspired by the greek proverb «Where there’s a sea there are pirates»

    • InterNutter

      What about:

      Pirates Without A C++

      code joke 😀

      • i mean, i might be a little bias here (yeah, i’m definitly bias, but i’m never gonna make a better entry than this, so i’m putting all my hopes into it), but Pirates Without A Sea just sounds perfect, i think it even fits with the lore, and the more i say it out loud, the more i like it, so i just hope that it gets enough attention somehow!! ;D

        • or maybe more simply: SteamWorld Heist: Pirates Without Seas…

  • Lingo

    SteamWorld Heist: Day One Pirate

  • Skyward Chocobo

    SteamWorld Heist: Paydirt

  • SSB4…plz?

    The Rusted Element

    The Cowbot’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Close Encounters of the Cowbot Kind

    The Day the Cowbot Stood Still

    Heavy Metal

    Battle Beyond the Dirt

  • “Steam Fortress2 (we have hats too!)”
    “A Ship Out Of Water”
    “A Fishful of Blub”
    “More Precious Than Oil”

    • Dzian Kolack

      Hahaha that first one 😉 ahhh

    • ZombiNight

      I like the first one!!

  • Shape

    Prepare for steam!

  • Put your hat on, Don

  • Mel Barajas

    steamworld heist: the last of their kind

  • Space Coach

    Steamworld Heist: Spacecoach

  • Alastair Hadlow

    Steamworld Heist: Plenty to Plunder

    or to be more like the orginal

    Steamworld Heist: A Fist full of Loot

  • Atticus Albright

    The gold, the brass and the rusty. (The gold=Piper’s crew, the brass= the royalists and the rusty= the scrappers)

  • Space Coach

    Steamworld Heist: Spacecoach

  • Vix Chan

    Question for the developers.
    What made you think of using a parody version of a film title for the Steamworld Dig game? Is it a film you enjoy watching yourselves?

    I’ve also though of some other taglines.

    Oil & Glory
    Lone Star Raiders
    Iron among Thieves
    Deep Space Showdown
    Deep Space Duel
    The Duel for Fuel
    Quick on the Draw
    Piper, Get Your Gun!

    I think that’s all I got for taglines for now.

    • Sorry for the long wait! It was a nice reference, actually. We thought the logo needed something more and we tried with a play on that name and it just worked brillantly, we felt 😀

  • Legokung

    SteamWorld Heist: Bring on the Cans of whoop-as!

  • keram55555

    My idea for the tagline:
    SteamWorld Heist: From Zero to Rag-Tag Hero

    Additional idea for the game:
    It would be great if you could use remnant of opponents and environment to construct shields, weapons or other stuff. A kind of self-made equipment which can be assigned to a certain robot in order to improve its skills. These improvements even don’t have to be permanent, just usable for a short time period (several rounds) or a couple of times (e.g. a shield holds back only 3-5 shoots then its wrecked).

  • Ben Burns

    Ok, I’ve got a few

    Steam in, steam out!

    Join the steam team!

    Grab what you need, then evaporate!

  • Atlantidas Zeus

    “Steamworld Heist: Full Steam Ahead!”

    You know, ’cause they board steam powered ships? 🙂

  • Atticus Albright

    You’ll need a heart of gold and ball bearings of brass. (So sorry, just couldn’t resist the pun)

  • Kyle M

    “SteamWorld Heist: Rust Seas Under Rust Skies”

    Based on the Heist novel “Red Seas Under Red Skies” by Scott Lynch

  • Ronny

    Hold on to your hat!

    Flying hats included!

    Heists is what we do

    Scrap makes good steam

    Your scrap, our living

    Scrap this!

  • Nicholas Primeaux

    Follow me down to the deeps

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    “For True Metalheads”

    “A Space Oddystean”

    “Nowhere to dig”

    …aaaand I’m out

  • Hellsong


    • PowerHouse

      Sorry but I said that one first

  • Hellsong

    You don’t have to have a screw loose to join Captain Piper’s outfit…but it helps.

  • Matthew Hunt

    I’ve got a few.

    1) Hold on to Your Hats
    2) Robots & Aliens
    3) Rusty’s Legacy

  • Lars De Vuyst

    1) The search for resources
    2) Robots need water too
    3) Let the looting begin
    4) Space, starships and the steam
    5) Loot or be looted
    6) The last supplies
    7) The ascend to space

  • PoeHao

    The World is not Enough

  • Killian Reed

    “Steamed, Rusted, and Stolen”
    “A Rust to Remember”

  • LaTerry

    SteamWorld Heist: Invading Your Space
    or “Invading Yer Space” if you want it to sound more western.

  • InterNutter

    In space, no-one can hear you steam

  • Oliver McKee

    May contain nuts, and bolts

  • Oliver McKee

    screw loose

  • Oliver McKee


  • Oliver McKee

    Bolt Clankidy and The Moondance RoboKid

  • Oliver McKee

    For a Few Intergalactic Credits More

  • Valiant Corduroy

    No man left alive.

  • d00berman

    Steam-Team in Space

  • Izzy Otaku-ized Butler

    Another One Bites the Rust

    Robotic Cowboy Pirates in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

    Hats Off to You, Gents

    When Youve Got a Great Hat. Youve Also Got a Bounty on Your Head.

    Guns, Gears, and Grand Adventure

    The Skys the Limit. Unless Youre in Space.

    Things Get Rowdy, at the Drop of a Hat

  • rabadi

    SteamWorld Heist: The Space Job

    SteamWorld Heist: Heist and Run

    SteamWorld Heist: Spacecoach Robbers

  • Rust The Pawniard

    “Un-Stained Rust”

    And Just out of curiosity, can you guys give us the release date if you know or if you can give it out?
    P.S. SteamWorld Dig is one of my top 5 games of all time, im not just saying that cause I think itll give me a better chance to win, I LOVED SteamWorld Dig, Absolutely Phenominal.

  • Atticus Albright

    Steampunk Skynet

  • I’m with stupid

    “Excuse me Mr Terminator, what is your favourite version of Windows?”
    “Has to be Vista, baby.”

    • Atticus Albright

      My God terminator vista just crashed, you need to go get a new hard drive!
      ‘I’ll be back’

      • PersonSP

        You guys are gold. XD

        • Atticus Albright

          You can’t stop the dad jokes.

          • PersonSP

            I don’t want to. XD

  • Hellsong

    Grand Theft H20

  • Hellsong

    Artificial Belligerence

  • A Fistful of Space.
    hahahahoohahoohaheoheh get it? cuz…the first one…and now this one’s in…space??
    lol me neither.

  • Michael O’Malley

    Steamworld Heist: True grit made of robot bits

  • DoctorVox

    Grinding Gears.
    Lost like gears in the rain.
    Gear up!
    Full Metal Gear.
    Both accurate and precise.

  • jmaster2710

    Here are some of my ideas:

    Steamworld Heist:
    -No time to rust!
    -All geared up!
    -Prepare for blast!
    -It ain’t just waste in space.
    -Bringing brass!
    -Time for some Bolt actions!
    -Thrust before you rust!
    -Scrap planning!
    -The mechanical mission!
    -Steamin’ space chase.
    -The tank, the crank, and the bank.
    -The bolt revolt!
    -Scraps with caps
    (Refering to the hats :P)

    And two weird ones that probably are not going to make it:

    -Ain’t easy being greasy.
    -Deez nutz and bolts

    It was really difficult coming up with taglines. Especially with the great ones already out there :0
    Anyway Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Tejas

    Steamworld Heist:

    “A Haunts Rebel”
    ” A Starboard Business ”
    “Dirty, Rebel and Pirate”
    “Junk’s Mad World”
    “A Rebel Hideout World”
    ” The Bounty Hunters ”
    “Rebel, Dirty, Rusty”
    “A Mad Haunts Pirate”

  • Eddyson Dijkhoff

    Steamworld Heist
    One sting at a time!

  • Elizbeth Watson

    SteamWorld Heist: Robbing while we’re rusting.

    SteamWorld Heist: Robbing, Rusting, Robots.

    SteamWorld Heist: Now with hats!

    SteamWorld Heist: Rusty Scraps and Stealing Hats


    SteamWorld Heist: Stealing Scraps and Rusty Hats

  • Kapulobo

    SteamWorld Heist: “Welcome Aboard, Captain.”

    SteamWorld Heist: “Mission in the Cosmos.”

  • Virtuous Lumox

    SteamWorld Heist: Steam-Based Strategy

  • Whymper

    STEAM WORLD HEIST:’prepare your robobutts’
    STEAM WORLD HEIST:’its gonna be a heck of a ride’
    STEAM WORLD HEIST:’fire away’

  • Atticus Albright

    Steamy skullduggery

  • minirop

    « Boost you loot! »

  • Юрий Константинов

    Don’t let off steam, you’ll rob yourself of power!

  • Юрий Константинов

    Rob and roll!

  • Kapulobo

    SteamWorld Heist: “Welcome Aboard, Captain.”

    SteamWorld Heist: “Mission in the Cosmos.”

  • Nelson Bergen

    Grand Theft Automaton

  • Jeffrey Morse

    Tactical Steambot combat!

  • yodamerlin

    Steamworld Heist : A Space Full of Bandits.

  • Preston B

    SteamWorld Heist:
    -A World to Explore (or Your World to Explore)
    -Prepare for Boarding!
    -What’s Lost Can Be Found
    -To Space and Beyond
    -A Stellar Journey
    -Out of this World!

  • Noaksey

    The end of your world is the beginning of ours

  • Andrew

    Steam, Lubricant and Carbon Capers

  • Sarah Latch

    Here’s a couple:

    An Aqua Odyssey

    Rust, Steam and Gears

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for all your awesome entries. We had a blast reading each and every one of them and have chosen a winner. But unfortunately we’re not able to write or edit blog entries due to technical difficulties with the site at the moment. We’ll keep you posted here in the comments, though.

    The winning tagline is: “For A Few Gallons More” by @OhHaiMe:disqus 😀

    Congratulations! You’ll soon receive an invitation to the SteamWorld Ambassador’s Club via e-mail!

    • Flatcross

      Congrats! Awesome choice, love the pun

    • OhHaiMe

      I just saw that I won and after a not so brief victory dance around the room I realized that I haven’t received an e-mail yet. Should I have?

  • J Cho

    I realize I’m a bit late to the party, but I couldn’t resist throwing my idea out there. I was thinking something like “In a steam powered vacuum,” vacuum meaning outer space, but maybe you could throw an actually vacuum (like the one that cleans floors) into the game as a fun easter egg?

    Maybe “high pressure banditry”? haha