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Our Gift To You in Worrisome Times

Hi everyone! First of all, I hope that you’re doing well and are taking care of each other. The team and I are doing alright by all means and we’ve been thinking about ways of giving a little something back to the community in these trying times. Since many people have more time and less […]

SteamWorld Heist is out December 10 + Pricing

Howdy, a very delighted and excited Brjann here! SteamWorld Heist has now been two years in the making. In that time, I’ve seen my colleagues evolve, get married and have babies – all while writing amazing amounts of brilliant code and drawing near-uncountable, beautiful strokes to make a wonderful game. For a short while we talked about postponing […]

#Heistuesday 12: Saving The World with Video Games

Hi all, We’re extra proud of today’s #Heistuesday, as the robots in SteamWorld Heist step up to fight HIV and AIDS. …say what? Let’s explain: here in wintry Sweden, there’s an annual charity initiative called Musikhjälpen (“The Music Aid”) hosted by the Swedish public TV and radio broadcast service. It’s quite clever; a few famous musicians and TV & radio personalities […]

#Heistuesday 9: Steam Powered Giraffe!

Happy #Heistuesday, everyone! Today we can confirm the steamy rumors: we ARE working together with our friends Steam Powered Giraffe, probably the most steam powered band in the world. SPG are making the soundtrack and in-game music for SteamWorld Heist! And in terms of gaming experience it will be something quite out of the ordinary, because SPG will also appear in the game – as […]

#Heistuesday 3: Meet Piper Faraday.

Piper Faraday is a steambot that has been forced to go her own way, and is the protagonist of SteamWorld Heist. Formerly a pilot in the Royalist Space Force, her hardwired – and quite experimental – moral fiber sets her apart from her peers. Piper’s flight skills have put her on a rising trajectory within […]