Breaking news: SteamWorld Dig about to get big update, will be renamed “Real-World Mining Simulator”

Hi again! We at Image & Form are pleased to announce a major update to SteamWorld Dig that will take effect later this evening.

“This new update means that we’ll totally revamp the acclaimed gameplay and graphics in SteamWorld Dig,” beams excited CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson. “Rather than focusing on steam-driven robots in a steampunk Western setting, we have decided to follow recent gaming trends. In particular, Goat Simulator from our friends at Coffee Stain looks like it’s going to be huge. Therefore we’ve changed SteamWorld Dig into a real-world mining universe, with real people, real grit and all. It’s taken a while, but here it is: Real-World Mining Simulator!

Forget Rusty the robot. The new protagonist will be Malcolm McSurly, a real coal miner somewhere in north-east England. Join him and his fellows in Real-World Mining Simulator, which features authentic actions such as:

  • Avoiding the Black Lung
  • Operating dangerous and cumbersome equipment
  • Procrastinating at work
  • Hanging out with just as surly co-workers at the pub
  • Nagging about hours, wages and management
  • Using up a lot of inexpensive soap
  • Arguing with the disillusioned wife

“For a long time, we had this silly, romantic notion about mining. Swinging that pickaxe was easy, almost effortless, even exciting!” Sigurgeirsson notes, shaking his head. “The new version will tell it like it is. Every dull chore in the mines will be questioned, every descent preceded by a negotiation, and quite often Malcolm will rather call in sick, which will lead to a standstill and a delightful pause. It’ll be very realistic. It’ll be great!”

Coming later this evening. Get ready for reality. Read more here.

All the best,
Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO Image & Form