#Heistuesday 1: Jack the Crippler

Welcome to #Heistuesday! Every Tuesday until release, we’ll introduce something new from our coming game SteamWorld Heist.

Jack the CripplerFirst out is a pretty unpleasant Scrapper type, who goes by the description Jack the Crippler. (Jack, please try not to kill everyone right this instant.) He’s one of many fearsome bad guys that share a fashionable lack of jaw, and have been serial-manufactured from scrap parts for maximum nasty effect. This particular unit has an affinity for blue caps and crunching stuff.

The Scrappers are a new faction of steambots that have quickly gained power through their ruthless piracy and exploitation of other steambots. Heinously, they defy the taboo of creating new steambots from “dead” or damaged parts, warping the personality of the newly created steambot towards wicked and cruel traits.

Steambots is short for “steam-driven robots”. You might think all steambots like each other, since they’re made from the same stuff. That’s not the case. Which is good for you, since this means there will ample opportunity for conflict.

Question: What type of weapon would you equip Jack the Crippler with? 

Read more about SteamWorld Heist at www.steamworldgames.com/heist