#Heistuesday 8: Thinking Inside The Box

Hi all,

We’re proud to reveal that a childhood dream or ours – if there are such things as collective dreams – is about to come true: our first boxed game. And we’re not talking a modern plastic excuse to contain a DVD, but an old-school, ultra-cool cardboard box full of goodies. A true Collector’s Edition of SteamWorld Dig. Dig it!


It’s the fabulous folks over at IndieBox, headed by the jovial James Morgan, who back in May offered to box SteamWorld Dig for us. For those of you unfamiliar with IndieBox, their idea is to take exceptional indie games and create something really special and exclusive – every month! Past highlights include Brütal Legend, Luftrausers, MouseCraft, Forced, Escape Goat and Teslagrad.

Sign up for their subscription service before November 21, use the code “SecretDig” and get 15% off on this wonderful edition of SteamWorld Dig!

These are the contents of the SteamWorld Dig Collector’s Edition:

  • Custom Box
  • Soundtrack CD featuring the world première of a new, previously unreleased track from SteamWorld Heist!
  • USB Drive with a Custom USB Sticker, containing DRM-free PC/Mac/Linux versions of SteamWorld Dig
  • Game Manual
  • Newsletter
  • Exclusive Collectibles / Custom Goodies:
    • SteamWorld Dig Tourism Tin
    • SteamWorld Dig Playing Cards designed by our very own art director Tobias Nilsson!
But wait – what has this got to do with SteamWorld Heist? How does the Collector’s Edition of SteamWorld Dig qualify for a #Heistuesday post? Well, incidentally (or accidentally?) James came up with an idea that took Heist in a new direction. We’ll announce this as next week’s #Heistuesday.
Question: What do you think it could possibly be?
Stay tuned!