Yes. Steam Powered Giraffe are characters in SteamWorld Heist!

#Heistuesday 9: Steam Powered Giraffe!

Happy #Heistuesday, everyone!

spgiraffelogoToday we can confirm the steamy rumors: we ARE working together with our friends Steam Powered Giraffe, probably the most steam powered band in the world. SPG are making the soundtrack and in-game music for SteamWorld Heist!

And in terms of gaming experience it will be something quite out of the ordinary, because SPG will also appear in the game – as themselves. That could have been dull or even inappropriate, had they been any other band. But they aren’t just anybody: the quirky San Diego-based gang, who parade as steam-driven, singing automatons in real life, will be featured as a robotic troupe on an everlasting space tour that Captain Piper and her crew encounter in bars as they recruit.

This was what we were hinting at in last week’s #Heistuesday post. While brainstorming ideas for the Collector’s Edition of SteamWorld Dig, the formidable James Morgan at IndieBox asked Steam Powered Giraffe to make a bonus song for the Dig soundtrack included in the Collector’s Edition. Being Dig fans, they promptly agreed. When James told me I nearly exploded with excitement, and in June we met at E3 and sealed the deal on the entire SteamWorld Heist soundtrack.

The Spine, Brjann and Hatchworth at E3. As you can tell, a most formal occasion.

I love their music, and have to admit I was a bit starstruck at the initial handshake. But we’re very much alike: childish and pretty resourceful. At times they wear a bit more makeup than we do, is all. SteamWorld Heist is a game about fictional steam-driven robots, featuring a real-world band of steam-driven robots. It’s a perfect match.

“When asked if we would like to collaborate with Image and Form on their next SteamWorld game we immediately said yes!” says David Michael “The Spine” Bennett of Steam Powered Giraffe. “We loved SteamWorld Dig, and a steam powered robot band making music for a steam powered robot game? Count us in! We thought it was a match made in heaven and we’ve always wanted to try our hand at making music for one of our favorite pastimes, video games!”

On the collaboration, David says “Working with Image and Form has been a unique and enjoyable experience for the band. There is definitely a ton of passion going into the game, from them, from us, it’s a labor of love and we personally can’t wait to share our contributions to the game with the world.”

As a preview of coming attractions, we’ve made a music video of “Prepare for Boarding”, which can also be heard on the SteamWorld Dig Collector’s Edition soundtrack. While the SteamWorld Heist main theme is yet to come, “Prepare…” is an excellent introduction to the game, performed by Steam Powered Giraffe in all of their steam-driven glory, both real and animated. Enjoy!