The Image & Form Crew 2018-ish

Image & Form – The Complete History Podcast

Happy summer, everyone!

We’ll take a few weeks off to finally spend some time inside, watching anime and eating way to much blue cheese. That might just be me, I’m sure the devs will enjoy everything else the summer has to offer!

We’re not leaving you hanging, though. We just uploaded a new Engine Room episode. In this longer-than-ever episode Brjánn tells you the tale of Image & Form and delves deep into the studio’s ups and downs and how we went from being professional PowerPoint makers to full-time game developers. We made games long before SteamWorld, actually. You’ve just probably never heard of them!

Check out the video:

You can download an MP3 version if you prefer listening offline while traveling or on the beach or something (you won’t really miss anything crucial). Click here to download the file (right-click and save on PC)!

Expect us to be back on social media and via email as usual at the end of June/beginning of August. Until then we hope you enjoy your summer and play a ton of games (if that’s your thing, which I suspect it is).

See you soon! What are your summer plans?