Vote SteamWorld Heist!

Is SteamWorld Heist your GOTY? Help us make it official!

Howdy, partners! Brjánn here.

It’s no secret that SteamWorld Heist continues to surprise; in the last week alone we’ve received three GOTY awards that we’re aware of. That’s amazing, and yes, you’re thinking it: We’re often beating our friends at Nintendo at their own game! 😉

But now there’s something bigger in the works, and we need you to help us – and our apologies in advance for being so shameless.

SteamWorld Heist is nominated as Mobile Game of the Year at SXSW, which is quite prestigious and – if you ask us – truly remarkable! Now that Nintendo 3DS more or less is the handheld market, there isn’t a category for best handheld anymore. SXSW has narrowed us nominees down to five.

What we're up against...

What we’re up against.

Yes, FIVE! Four mobile games versus one 3DS game! The winner will be decided partly by a public vote and partly by a jury of experts. Some of our competitors are behemoths, but we believe we have the best game, and they don’t have YOU in their corner! ☺

How to vote

So we need you to rally: Go to the SXSW Gaming Awards Voting page, scroll down near the end to “Mobile Game of the Year”, select “SteamWorld Heist”, and click “Vote”. It takes less than ten seconds! We’ll wait for you here in the meantime. Laaa-deeee-daaa ?

Done? Great! Now we hope you will tell all your friends to do the same by sharing this. Voting closes on February 12, so let’s make this happen! Because…

…the best mobile games are on the 3DS. Right?

Vote here: SXSW Gaming Awards Voting

Thanks in advance!