New recruit: Amanda joins our forces


In a previous blog post we talked about how we’re growing in order to make our new SteamWorld game as amazing as possible for you. We recently hired five people (Markus, Robert, Elinore, Julius and myself) and now we just got a new intern! We would like to welcome Amanda Elm to our team!

Amanda is a student at The Game Assembly and will be joining our team as a graphic artist. She will be here for eight months. In order for you to get to know her a little bit we asked her some questions.

1. What’s your background before starting at Image & Form?

I studied Game Art at a school called The Game Assembly.

 2. What’s your favourite video game?

One of the most difficult questions ever, but if I have to pick just one I’d go with Beyond Good And Evil.

 3. What are you working with at the moment?

I’m doing all sorts of different art related stuff for the new SteamWorld game. Incredibly enough the other artists let me do more than just grunt-style intern work and it’s awesome!

4. When did you first hear about Image & Form?

I had never heard of Image & Form until Brjann and Markus came to our school and did a presentation of the company to lure in us students. Brjann talked about the company’s history, and I realized that as a kid, I had in fact laughed at my younger sister as she played educational games with an orange bunny, and that these guys were responsible for making those precious gems.

5. How does Mario shoot fire underwater?

I believe he’s cheating.

Have any questions for Amanda? Want to give her the greatest welcome known to Earth? The comment section is all yours! Also, don’t forget to follow Amanda on Twitter!

So from all of us at Image & Form: Welcome to the team, Amanda! 😀

All the best,

PR & Marketing Manager
Image & Form