SteamWorld Dig at Retrospelsmässan in Sweden

On May 3rd SteamWorld Dig will be playable at the retro game convention in Sweden called Retrospelsmässan. It’s Scandinavia’s largest convention for retro gaming and takes place in Eriksbergshallen in Gothenburg. As a visitor you can try retro games, buy merchandise and participate in gaming competitions. Many other exciting events will of course take place throughout the day as well.

At the convention there will also be some indie developers and SteamWorld Dig will be amongst the games showcased. We’ll set up a computer and let the visitors try it out but that’s not enough! If you just take a few minutes and answer a few questions regarding the convention we’ll send you a Steam key!

I will be there and so will some of the developers so send us a tweet us and we’ll meet up! 🙂

Read more about the convention here:

All the best,
Mikael Forslind