SteamWorld Heist Three 4 Free DLC Hatbox

SteamWorld Heist: 25% Steam Sale + New Hat DLC

Howdy, everyone!

This week SteamWorld Heist is 25% off on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. SteamWorld Dig is 75% off during the same period. We’re almost giving away that one! If the discounts aren’t showing for you yet, return in a few hours and they should be live in your region.

To celebrate, we’re launching two new Hatbox DLCs for SteamWorld Heist on Steam (the rest of the platforms are coming shortly after), bringing you a total of thirteen never-before-seen hats for your robots to don in battle! The first hatbox is free, and features the winners of our recent community hat design contest.

Hatbox: Three 4 Free (SteamWorld Heist)

The star of this headgear vaudeville is “Hatful Eight + 2”. A box of ten fresh hats inspired by classic sci-fi and fantasy. We’ve thrown some intriguing SteamWorld lore in there as well. Eight of the new hats are animated and very lively, so keep your eyes peeled for sudden movements!

Hatbox: Hatful Eight + 2 (SteamWorld Heist)

Finally, we use this opportunity to release a new update for SteamWorld Heist on Windows, Mac and Linux. It includes a bunch of minor bug fixes and other improvements. Thanks for reporting your feedback to us on social media and in the forums. We love it!

What do you think of the new hats?