SteamWorld Quest: Free Content Update + 20% Discount!


We’re back from vacation and are celebrating with some exciting SteamWorld Quest news! Tomorrow, on August 8, we’ll release a free update with brand new content for the game. It’s also 20% off for a limited time on all platforms. If you’ve yet to play SteamWorld Quest, now is the perfect opportunity!

The update finally brings HD Rumble to SteamWorld Quest on Nintendo Switch!

The update finally brings HD Rumble to SteamWorld Quest on Nintendo Switch!

What’s new in “SteamWorld Quest 2.0”?

Completing the story now unlocks “New Game Plus”, allowing the game to be replayed from the beginning with most non-story progress retained (cards, items and more). You’ll need to unlock the characters again, but once you’ve done that you’ll have access to their respective cards from your previous playthrough.

For those of you wanting to up the challenge, a new difficulty setting, “Legend Remix” will keep you on your toes once you’ve beaten the game and crave more. It’s not only more difficult but throws in a fair amount of gameplay twists of its own. This is only available in New Game Plus.

There’s also a new art gallery with lots of previously unseen concept art and illustrations and a jukebox for those wanting to chill out to the beautiful soundtrack (out now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes and more)!

Other game improvements include:

  • Added support for HD Rumble on Nintendo Switch
  • Increased stock on consumable items available in the merchant wagon.
  • Reduced entry requirements for the “Midas Grand Prix” colosseum tournament.
  • Balancing tweaks to numerous cards and items as well as smaller bug fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the summer and have a great time with the new SteamWorld Quest content!

Which new feature excites you the most?