SteamWorld Quest Hits Switch on April 25th!

Drum roll… DING DING DING! 🎉🙌🥳 We’re proud to shout from the top of our lungs that SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech comes first to Nintendo Switch on April 25th!!! That’s next month… ! As you probably know already, it’s Switch exclusive for a limited time with more platforms to follow after the Nintendo eShop release. A purchase will set you back $24.99 / €24.99 / £22.49 or your region’s equivalent. We’re making sure that the game is full of fabulous RPG goodness with a meaty story, thrilling battles and lots of surprises!

“The community’s been asking for an RPG since the dawn of time… almost. I’m thrilled that we’re surprising with a release date way sooner than most of you expected. It’s designed to be enjoyed by fans of RPGs and previous SteamWorld games. SteamWorld Quest is a new direction for the dev team, but at it’s core it’s simply put another, brilliant SteamWorld game with focus on excellent gameplay! This time we have an engaging and hilarious story to tell as well. It’s out soon and I’m very confident that you’ll love it!”

Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, CEO and Glorious Leader at Image & Form.

Until release, we have over 20 minutes of gameplay to share with you, published by the lovely team at IGN. The video’s just barely scratching the surface but in it we show the basics of the game, including it’s kickass soundtrack, battles, deck-building, character interactions and more:

Want more details?
Ask away in the comments!

Dorothy can't wait to swing onto 3DS!

SteamWorld Dig 2 Lands on Nintendo 3DS Next Week!

Howdy, everyone!

In the last six months, Image & Form has been busier than ever. SteamWorld Dig 2 launched on multiple platforms last September and was followed by a great success (thanks for your support!). Just recently we brought both the original Dig and the ultimate edition of SteamWorld Heist to Nintendo Switch. But one platform has been missing during the entirety of that period. You could say it’s the one where things really took off for us…


I’m thrilled to announce that SteamWorld Dig 2 launches on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems next week on February 22! The release will be exclusive to Nintendo eShop and go for $19.99 / €19.99. It’s an ultra-portable version of our biggest adventure that’s been optimized to run at 60fps even with the stereoscopic 3D effect turned on. It runs like a charm even on the earliest iterations of the hardware.

Thanks for being patient with us during the development period. We expect great things from Nintendo 3DS in 2018 and believe the system is here to stay for the foreseeable future. I and the team hope you will enjoy SWD2 when it lands next week!

What’re your favorite things about Nintendo 3DS?

Surprise: SteamWorld Dig 2 comes to PC on September 22

Howdy, partners!

We’re bursting with anticipation here and can’t hold it in a minute longer: SteamWorld Dig 2 hits Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) on September 22 for $19.99/€19.99/£14.99!

I’m super excited to finally be able to share the date! As promised, there will be riches to gain and new worlds to explore.

SteamWorld Dig 2 really is the best game we’ve ever made, and we are soooo close to being able share this gem with the PC community. Save the date and cancel any plans on September 22 (and save up enough cash in your digital piggy bank).

You know what, head over to Steam right now and put SWD2 on your wishlist! That way you’ll be notified the minute our platform mining adventure is available for you to dig through!

Wishlist SteamWorld Dig 2 on Steam

As we’re drawing closer to launch we’ll be sure to share more goodies, so follow us and keep checking your social network of choice to stay updated.

Will you pick up SWD2 on Windows, Mac or Linux?

PlayStation Fans: SteamWorld Dig 2 hits PS4 & PS Vita on Sept 26

Howdy everyone!

I’m happy to confirm that SteamWorld Dig 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita later this month on September 26 in America and on September 27 in Europe. The game will be yours for $19.99 / €19.99 / £14.99 and will be cross-buy on both consoles. I know that many of you have been demanding a Vita version for ages, so it’s my pleasure to confirm that it wasn’t just a rumor!

So what’s new this time around? We’ve got a ton of new surprises in store. I’ve listed five of the most exciting ones on the official PlayStation Blog. So head over there and dig in!

Will you play SteamWorld Dig 2 on PS4, PS Vita or on both systems?

SteamWorld Dig 2: Release Date & Price

Howdy, partners!

SteamWorld Dig 2 hits Nintendo Switch on September 21 for $19.99/€19.99/£14.99 or your region’s equivalent. That’s something I’ve wanted to write for a very long time! We revealed it today during Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase in a brand new trailer. We tease new worlds, enemies, upgrades and challenges.

Watch and enjoy:

We also revealed 10 beautiful new screenshots. Head over to the official game page for all new images and other details.

Release Date and Price

As mentioned above, SteamWorld Dig 2 world premieres on Nintendo Switch in America and Europe on September 21. According to it’s the penultimate day of summer, so we don’t miss our original summer release window! Isn’t that something?

The game will be available for download on Nintendo eShop for $19.99. That’s twice the price of the original SteamWorld Dig. But since it’s at least ten times as good it’s more than a nice deal. You can expect around 10 hours of gameplay and multiple boss battles in a big, sprawling world which you’re free to explore and dig through at your own pace. The game is even longer for those of you itching to find all secrets and unlockables (and there are plenty).

A wonderful cast of characters

What about Steam and PS4?

Not a proud owner of Nintendo Switch? Well, you’re in luck! Only a few days later you’ll be able to download and play SWD2 on Steam and PlayStation 4. Expect more details (and a few surprises) very soon!

Play SWD2 at PAX West

SteamWorld Dig 2 is playable at PAX West this week. Brjánn is already in Seattle and ready to mingle with happy SteamWorld fans. We’d love to hear from you on social media if you stop by our booth (the Nintendo one).

What now, Captain Meow?

We have so much more to talk about in the coming weeks. Expect new info and trailers on social media (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) as we approach launch. Make sure you follow us on your preferred social network to never miss an update and the chance to ask us any questions you might have!

Question: What do you want to see from SWD2 until launch?


SteamWorld Heist Hits Steam and PS4/Vita on June 7th!

Howdy, everyone!

We’re glad to finally share with you that SteamWorld Heist will release worldwide on Steam on June 7th! The price will be $19.99 / €19.99 (or the equivalent) and comes with a 15% launch discount for the first week after release.

On the same day, SteamWorld Heist comes to PS4/Vita in the Americas. The day after (June 8th) European PlayStation fans can get their hands on the game too. The PlayStation versions will be cross-buy (buy the game on one platform, get the other one for free).

Americans will be able to enjoy a nice discount on Sony’s consoles right at launch. In Europe there are still a few days left to pre-order the PlayStation versions for a great bargain!

“The Outsider” DLC pack (which adds new levels, hats, weapons and a playable character) will be available from day one on both Steam and PlayStation for $4.99 / €4.99 (or the equivalent).

SteamWorld Heist – HD Launch Trailer

We’ve been hard at work on the release trailer for the game, check it out right below. For HD screenshots, check the official SteamWorld Heist website.

Will you go for the Steam or the PlayStation 4/Vita version?

SteamWorld Heist gets delayed on PlayStation.

SteamWorld Heist Delayed for PlayStation + New Release Dates

Howdy, everyone! We’ve got somewhat sad news to share with you today. But fear not, it’s not the end of the world!

SteamWorld Heist has been delayed on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for roughly one week. The new target release dates are June 7th for North America and June 8th for Europe and Australia.

The reasons for the delay are related to publishing, localisation and quality assurance. We basically encountered a few scattered problems with the PlayStation versions that we have to fix before releasing the game. If you want more info, feel free to ask me directly in the comment section. The extra week will hopefully give us enough time to fix these issues.

We’re working closely together with the fantastic people over at Sony to get the game out as fast as possible. Thanks for being patient with us!

Everything will be alright!

There, there… Everything will be alright.

The silver lining: AKA “reasons why the delay isn’t all that bad”:

  1. You’ll get an even better version of SteamWorld Heist when it hits PlayStation. Lame excuse, I know, but it’s true!
  2. You have a few more days to clear your backlog and/or your clutter (I’m looking at you, messy wardrobe!).
  3. You’ll have another week to pre-order the game for a nice discount if you’re in Europe or Australia.
  4. You can finally get around to watching Game of Thrones, or another show you’ve been putting off watching for ages.
  5. You can practice speedrunning SteamWorld Dig. The current world record is 22 minutes and 57 seconds (crazy!). Think you can beat that?

I could go on forever. Think I’ve missed something? Let me know in the comment section!

SteamWorld Heist PS4/Vita Giveaway Winners

Last week we had a small giveaway for our Twitter followers (more details here). Here are the two lucky winners:

1. Minirop’s Robo PJ Party

2. Henrique’s Space Pirate Robot Voice

Congrats! We’ll contact you on Twitter with details on how to claim your codes! 😀

How will you spend the extra week until the PlayStation launch?

The fishy steambot Billy Gill is usin' that uzi skilfully.

BIG UPDATE + Awesome SteamWorld Heist Screenshots

Happy Heistuesday!

I hope you have a great day! Last week we finally showed SteamWorld Heist to the public for the first time. You see, our CEO Brjann just came back from an amazingly fun time at PAX East and GDC, where he showed SteamWorld Heist to American fans and press. And they loved it! Our booths were filled to the brim and praise was unanimous. Among others, both IGN and Gametrailers thought it was a helluva game!

We built a custom demo stage just for these events and were initially afraid we made it too hard! But dang, every player was super-skilled and many defeated every single foe on the first try. That doesn’t mean it was a breeze, though. IGN editor Jose Otero survived with his last crew member by a hair’s breadth.

And who can blame him? Check out these intense screenshots from the demo:

Lookin’ good? As you see in the pictures, Heist is not a traditional turn-based strategy game where battles are based on percentage and numbers. You actually aim and fire your shots in real time. We like to call it a skill-based, turn-based strategy action game (not the best wording, but you get what I mean).

The press wasn’t the only ones who liked what they played. Community members also shared their love on social media:

About that release date…

A common question people asked us was: “When can we get the full game?”. When we announced the game back in September we thought we’d be done by February, then we thought we’d be done by the end of March and now… spring 2015 is almost over. So what that means is that SteamWorld Heist is going to be delayed with a few months. But all the extra time we take will be visible in the final release.

So our new release window is “2015”. And it won’t be before fall this year. If you’re disappointed I do feel with you. But even worse would be you purchasing an incomplete game, right? We’d never let you experience that. And like I said above: With the extra time we will make SteamWorld Heist the best turn-based, skill-based strategy game with steampunk robots. In space.

What do you think of the screenshots? And how do you feel about the new release window?

Everything To Know About SteamWorld Heist – #Heistuesday 22

steamworld heist everything we know

Hi buddies!

This week we’re finally showing SteamWorld Heist in public for the first time. Our CEO Brjánn is attending both PAX East and GDC this week. At GDC he’s meeting some of the top journalists and bloggers in the industry. A few days later at PAX East he’ll be at the show floor with the game, letting eager fans get their hands on it. It won’t be long now before we reveal new game details as well as gameplay footage. But until then we thought it would be good to summarize what we’ve shown of the game up until today.

Gameplay and setting

As a follower of Heistuesday you probably know that SteamWorld Heist is a game about space adventures and survival. You play as Captain Piper while she’s recruiting a team of rag-tag robots to explore and scavenge the remains of a destroyed world. During your travels you board enemy spaceships and command your crew in a unique variety of turn-based combat in a 2D side-scrolling perspective. Get a glimpse of it in the reveal teaser below.


Just like with SteamWorld Dig we’re focusing on beautiful, hand-drawn 2D graphics. According to our art director Tobias the art in SteamWorld Heist is “much more detailed” when compared to Dig, with “more focus on details in the character and environment graphics”. Much of this is possible since we are quite a large team this time.

You can see what Tobias is referring to by checking out some of the screenshots we’ve shown so far:

The art of SteamWorld Heist is VERY detailed. Captain Piper is firing her gun at Jack the Crippler.

SteamWorld Heist is also a much larger game than Dig, which in turn leads to even more creative expression. Our graphic artist Agnes thinks this is awesome, because it allows us to add “tons of fun and quirky characters”. Agnes hopes that every person who play the game will be able to connect with each and every one of the characters.

Audio and music

After we announced SteamWorld Heist last September, steamy rumors about who would compose the game’s soundtrack spread around the web. The rumors spoke of a group of singing steam powered automatons known as Steam Powered Giraffe. And as most internet rumors it turned out to be… absolutely right! The band will be making music for SteamWorld Heist. They are still hard at work on the soundtrack and have released one song so far. It’s called “Prepare For Boarding”. Check out the music video below:

Platforms and release date

SteamWorld Heist will debut this year: 2015. The confirmed platforms are: Nintendo 3DS, PC/Mac/Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and mobile platforms (such as iOS). We’ll be doing a staggered release. Which simply means we’ll bring the game to one platform at a time. This doesn’t rule out the chance of a simultaneous release on two or more platforms, though.

Community reactions

You and the rest of the amazing SteamWorld community is what keeps us going, really! Your encouraging words, posts and pictures are amazing and our jobs would be so boring without the fan support. Here are some of the most memorable, recent posts about SteamWorld Heist on social media:

steamworld heist community impressions 1

How about you?

What is your favorite SteamWorld Heist memory? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll be there to chat with you about anything you want.

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