The SteamWorld Quest OST is Out Now!

Happy news!

The widely reQuested SteamWorld Quest Soundtrack is out now on Bandcamp and Steam (as DLC). Compared to what you’ll find in the game, these songs are completely remastered and sound better than ever. It’s a real treat for your ears!

Have a listen to it on Bandcamp and, if you like what you hear, please consider purchasing the album (or individual tracks) in order to support the studio.

The album features 36 beautiful tracks from three multi-talented composers and a bunch of awesome musicians. We’ve never had so many acoustic instruments on a SteamWorld soundtrack before. As a bonus, you’ll find two unreleased variations on the main theme that you might recognize from the SteamWorld Quest trailers. This is the first time they’re available for anyone to listen to without in-game sound effects.

Is it coming to Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music?

Yes! It might just take us a little while longer to figure everything out. We hope to release all previous SteamWorld soundtracks there as well. Stay tuned!

Will there be a physical CD or vinyl record?

Simple answer: We’d love to! We did fabulous vinyl records for Dig 1+2 together with Fangamer and it would be really nice to have a matching record for Quest. Again, stay tuned!

Can I download the amazing album art somewhere?

Yes, up above! It’s a hand-painted homage to some of our favorite game soundtracks (can you guess which?). The artist is none other than Agnes Mikucka, the Quest art director. The cover really captures the personalities of the main cast, don’t you think?

Enjoy and let us know what you think!